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Pulverizer & Stirling engine not connecting (help!)

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The striking engine is a buildcraft engine so it produces MJ's or Minecraft Joules. The pulverizer runs on redstone flux or RF which is the main power system for all thermal expansion machines. To generate redstone flux you need to use a Steam dynamo, Magmatic Dynamo, Compression dynamo, or Reactant Dynamo. Later on you can make reactors from Atomic Science and Big Reactors to generate Redstone Flux.

Edit: I meant Stirling Engine not striking engine.

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I know RF -> MJ works with conduits, but I don't think it works the other way around.


And now that I've tested it, I can confirm that conduits do not turn MJ into RF. Or accept MJ as an input at all.

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You should not use BuildCraft engines. TE3 has changed from BC energy system (using MJs) to its own system (using RFs), Dynamos produce only RFs and TE machines only accept those. TE conduits only take RFs as input but can output MJs

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