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Tekkit Main Let's Play ~[100+ Episodes & World Downloads!]~


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Hi all,


I have been working on a wonderful Tekkit Main Let's play and thought I'd finally get round to sharing it on here.


This series follows a fairly simple and straight forward approach to Tekkit and each episode is recorded to show something being built, created or set up from the Tekkit universe. It therefore kind of plays out as a tutorial to walk you through from the basics to the more advanced machine and setups in Tekkit.


Please take a look and leave me some feedback if you think there are things I could improve on!




S2E00 Prequel Part 1 --> http://bit.ly/1kFMbSC

S2E00 Prequel Part 2 --> http://bit.ly/1laIcgM


S02E01 - Grindstone & Pulverizer -->

S02E02 - Powered Furnace & Quarry -->

S02E03 - Energy Cell & Harvester --> 

S02E04 - Mystcraft --> 

S02E05 - Basic Oil Refinery Setup --> 

S02E06 - TNT Fishing & Duel Power --> 

S02E07 - Fuel Burning Power Station -->

S02E08 - More Machines --> 

S02E09 - Nether Again!  --> 

S02E10 - Power Suits & World Download --> 

S02E11 - Minium Dust --> 

S02E12 - Redstone Energy Conduit --> 

S02E13 - Nether Escape  --> 

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S02E14 - Tesseracts --> http://bit.ly/1J9r3yW

S02E15 - Jet Pack!!!! --> http://bit.ly/1fJ2X4i

S02E16 - Planter & Harvester (Wheat Farm) --> http://bit.ly/1LtQeyw

S02E17 - Modular Force Field System Interdiction matrix Part 1 --> http://bit.ly/1Ihu41A

S02E17 - Modular Force Field System Interdiction matrix Part 2 --> http://bit.ly/1SPFahk

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S02E18 - Big Reactors -->

S02E19 - Snow & Ice Machines [Glacial Precipitator] --> 

S02E20 - Big Big Reactors & World Download --> 

S02E21- Assembly Table, Lasers & ME --> 

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S02E22 - Basic ME --> http://bit.ly/1pIDnzS

S02E23 - The Rancher --> http://bit.ly/1on3gRT

S02E24 - Quarry in the Nether --> http://bit.ly/1iWYjzX

S02E25 - House Keeping ME Expansion --> http://bit.ly/1z6UNb6

S02E26 - Oil Drum Fights --> http://bit.ly/1qwZsRf

S02E27 - Mob Grinder --> http://bit.ly/1xfhojV

S02E28 - Auto Tree Farm --> http://bit.ly/1qjGLPt

S02E29 - NASA Workbench --> http://bit.ly/1on3HLY

S02E30 - Rocket, Oxygen Gear & World Download --> http://bit.ly/1lRUATY

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S02E31 - Some ME automation --> http://bit.ly/UpUWWZ

S02E32 - Trying to find a dungeon --> http://bit.ly/1ui8BQa

S02E33 - Moon Base Force Field --> http://bit.ly/1Aar5Tl

S02E34 - Flux Sword & Evolved Skeleton --> http://bit.ly/1peNer0

S02E35 - Wither Skeletons & Mob Essence --> http://bit.ly/1ui8VOT

S02E36 - ME Fluid Storage --> http://bit.ly/1nX7jke

S02E37 -  Auto Spawner & Wither Boss --> http://bit.ly/1qC1eS2

S02E38 - Division Sigil Activation Ritual --> http://bit.ly/1ui9okc

S02E39 - Cursed Earth Mob Spawner --> http://bit.ly/1jX3LTQ

S02E40 - Deep Dark & World Download --> http://bit.ly/1rcdDs1

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S02E41 - Quarry in the Deep Dark --> http://bit.ly/1nVjMoP

S02E42 - PortaSpawner --> http://bit.ly/1vQ4U56

S02E43 - ME Molecular Assembler Chamber --> http://bit.ly/1uW4ndL

S02E44 - Squid Tank --> http://bit.ly/1kG9KwN

S02E45 - Carrots!!! --> http://bit.ly/1Aj8hjL

S02E46 - The End --> http://bit.ly/1uA62s7

S02E47 - Enderman Spawner --> http://bit.ly/1vQ5aRC

S02E48 - Auto Dis-Enchanter --> http://bit.ly/Vrjxed

S02E49 - Reactor Changes --> http://bit.ly/1l8aBqs

S02E50 - Reactor Turbine & World Download -->


Edited by gpemby
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S02E51 - Resonant Energy Cell --> http://bit.ly/YgTgBy

S02E52 - Singularity --> http://bit.ly/1uCQRep

S02E53 : Quantum Link Chamber --> http://bit.ly/1qBoFrC

S02E54 - Pink Sime --> http://bit.ly/1nzUIVo

S02E55 - Laser Drill & Pre-Charger --> http://bit.ly/1vVURum

S02E56 - 20,000 RF per tick --> http://bit.ly/1o5dOCI

S02E57 - Advanced Solar Panel --> http://bit.ly/1AdGG1x

S02E58 - Further Automation --> http://bit.ly/1uCQWPn

S02E59 - ME Assembly Table Setup --> http://bit.ly/1t7AAgt

S02E60 - The Village & World Download --> https://youtu.be/6eJA8ODruHI

Edited by gpemby
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S02E61 - Trading Post http://bit.ly/1CLYLVR

S02E62 - Sewage & Liquid Collecting http://bit.ly/ZD1LXA

S02E63 - Tier 2 Rocket Schematic http://bit.ly/1ySpq5B

S02E64 - Tier 2 Rocket & Mars http://bit.ly/1rYn9Nu

S02E65 - Mars Boss http://bit.ly/1wkdJjG

S02E66 - Bio Fuel http://bit.ly/ZLRCYR

S02E67 - Nether Wart Automation http://bit.ly/1nx7Xvo

S02E68 - Wireless ME Computing http://bit.ly/1rnMD74

S02E69 - Quarry on Mars http://bit.ly/1Dtr79n

S02E70 - Terraformer & World Download


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S02E71 - Ender Thermic Pump --> http://bit.ly/1tg9qU4

S02E72 - Matter Cannon --> http://bit.ly/1pi2Ikf

S02E73 - Translaton Module --> http://bit.ly/1tg9x27

S02E74 - Quantum Link Chamber Floors --> http://bit.ly/1tr38QH

S02E75 - Oxygen --> http://bit.ly/1zoyfRo

S02E76 - Oxygen Sealer --> http://bit.ly/1tg9ALh

S02E77 - Chemical Extractor --> http://bit.ly/1C9aToF

S02E77B - Electro Magnets --> http://bit.ly/11s96Kz (Apparently I can't count)

S02E78 - Turbines --> http://bit.ly/11SSqMh

S02E78 1/2 - UT OH! http://bit.ly/1vjjcJx

S02E79 - Power Storage --> http://bit.ly/1C9beYB

S02E80 - Fusion Reactor & World Download

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S02E81- Steam & Water --> http://bit.ly/1LzeW1x

S02E82 - A New Plan! http://bit.ly/1GNa3NU

S02E83 - Turbines That Work http://bit.ly/1BGBo5i

S02E84 Laser Drill & Pre Charger x2 http://bit.ly/1TRew9i

S02E85 - Cyanite Reactor http://bit.ly/1TRezSu

S02E86 - Loadsa Quarries http://bit.ly/1NijuXi

S02E87 - gpemby's Space Station http://bit.ly/1HksWJz

S02E88 - Particle Smarticle http://bit.ly/1e7FpVs

S02E89 - Switching it on! http://bit.ly/1LtQcGN

S02E90 - Automated Antimatter http://bit.ly/1TReONa

S02E91 - 3rd Turbine & World Download



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S02E92 - Laser Focus http://bit.ly/1KhF4ga

S02E93 - Automatic Ruby Smasher http://bit.ly/1Ly8k3R

S02E94 - ME 1M Storage http://bit.ly/1NRS0Zh

S02E95 - House Keeping http://bit.ly/1ETyEOn

S02E96 - Block Smasher http://bit.ly/1EhGSoT

S02E97 - Automated ME Parts http://bit.ly/1KhFnru

S02E98 - Fulmination Generator http://bit.ly/1JtGCyH

S02E99 - Production Over Hall http://bit.ly/1MRosho

S02E100 - Laser Array & World Download


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      The owners Bruce and I have previously owned/ran minecraft servers in the past and know the ropes and experienced minecraft/tekkit server owners. We do our best to ensure our players can play somewhere where theres friendly players, helpful staff members, fun events and as well as pvp.    We have an effective protection system for blocks placed as well as your stuff.
      Come join us in the Tekkit server by using the technic launcher and using the bluerocket picture for Technic. IP:
      1. Placing blocks to cover people is bannable.
      2. No spamming or advertising
      3. No hacking/ exploiting/ cheating of any kind
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