No Azurite in the Tropics

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Has anyone else noticed there seems to be no azurite in the tropics?  I have found plenty of other ores, but no Azurite.  Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.  I saw some posts about it on the mods topic over at the minecraft forums, but no answers. 


Tropicraft adds some great stuff, but seems to have some major bugs still.  :(  Two of us have been stuck in Tropicraft for hours.  I finally figured out drinking 2 pinas seemed to activate the portal to get back.  Then my portal was broken by a creeper and even though I put the torch back it no longer works.  I was hoping to craft the enchanter, but with no azurite I can't!  Now I've searched for buried treasure hoping to find one in the chest, but have only found one chest that had diamonds.  This has become a bit tedious so hopefully the nether trick will get me back to the real world!  Was hoping I didn't have to go that route.


Anyone else seeing this behaviour? 





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I've been able to find Azurite just fine. It's been on the lower 20 levels for me and rare but I have been able to find them.

Same for me. It is pretty rare so you will just have to accept that your going to have to actually mine to find it  :)

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