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Banned in Pixelmon

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I'm wondering if someone could help me. My 9 year old son has just tried to get onto his Pixelmon game and has found he is banned for griefing. He says he hasn't been griefing, but seeing as I have spent money on this game, I am hoping someone will be able to help me find out what has happened or who to contact to sort this out. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place! Thank you.

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  1. Pixelmon has no affiliation with Technic.
  2. You haven't said whether you are talking about some server he uses or playing in single player. If he got banned from a server he plays on then find another server to play on.
  3. The only thing you could have paid for is Minecraft from Mojang. Technic has no affiliation with Mojang.
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If you've got questions that you need help with feel free to ask - Technic might not have anything to do with Pixelmon and no-one here is likely to have any kind of control over the ban you're experiencing, but we are all Minecraft players here so if you aren't or if you just need things clearing up then that's something people here can do to be helpful at least. :)

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