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Welcome to LukeyCraft! LukeyCraft is a Minecraft server organization that has been alive for years! We've always tried to put a server up for the best Modpacks out there. Our Attack of the B Team server is running 1.0.10B Recommended, so make sure you have the right build before attempting to log in! We use very special plugins that allow us to NOT ban items! You will find that LukeyCraft has very few banned items compared to other servers. Some of the most notable unbanned items are: Minions Luggage So come on down, and have come meet the LukeyCraft community. We are always glad to see a new face! Website:


Come join us at !

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      Coming back soon - 14/02/15
    • By Howl
      Hello people of technic im looking for an Attack of the B-team server with some mature people atleast 14+. I dont want any pvp or factions as that kinda ruins the pack. Im looking for a small server, people who actually don't make you mad and build crappy buildings, and are mostly nice . If anyone would not mind me joining one invite me. Send the ip to [email protected] and when you do comment on the post telling me so. So to summarize: Small server, nice people and good builders, people i can talk to without spamming/trolling/griefing/raiding/like the real aotb server. Preferably whitelisted and fun to play with, also mature people. I hope you guys could help me! Peace out -Howl