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Server Crash! Personal Custom modpack HELP!

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I have been working on a modpack for me and a few friends. I currently have 190 + mods installed and have already crashed a few times but I have fixed those. The client side pack works fine but the server crashes on start up before the world will even load! This is an issue. 


Crash Report :


Any help is greatly appreciated. I can see at the bottom of the report that there is an issue with gregtech but I really need gregtech in this pack as that is like the main mod. If there is any way around having to remove it then that would be great but if not then I will remove it.



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The problem with Gregtech is that is attempts to overwrite/overload a ton of other stuff. Combine that with "190+ mods" including RotaryCraft and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.


That being said, I didn't see any obvious client-only mods in the mod list (just looked once) so my guess would be either the aforementioned challenge or some API mismatch.


Also, post links to your Technic pack page and/or API URL for more assistance.

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Since I really do need gregtech in (and removing it did fix it) I decided to start to remove mods in the order I added them; most recent where removed first. The plan being to get it to a point where it worked as it was. I removed Gearbox and the server worked like a charm! Thanks anyway :D


PS: You help a lot of people! Last time I had an issue, you came to my rescue! Its people like you that keep the modding community going! Good work!

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