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Sorry for another bug report/help request. I understand how annoying they are in quick succession.


So, down to the meat. I got an infinite battery from my server (#donatorswag) and thought to use the energy storage module to unload its energy, well, infinitely. I don't really need GC power, so I decide just to unload it into a TE cell and unload it from there further. However, when I connected a leadstone, hardened, or redstone conduit to the output side of the module, no energy was transmitted. When i used aluminum wires, the same thing happened. No infinite energy for me :(


Any help anyone?

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I've had a lot of 'fun' with those energy storage modules, try placing it down after all the wiring is in place and try feeding it some power to store - once it's working receiving and sending power only then add the battery.  It seems to be really twitchy but once they're set up they're fine.  I've had best luck with GC thin wires.

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