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Ok so last night a friend and I were on Tekkit playing on a server i made. Suddenly my house lost power for a few hours because of a storm. I woke up this morning to turn on everything after the power has been restored and my server is not working properly. Can someone please help? We have had a lot of time put into this server and i would be pretty pissed to see it all go to waste. I have listed below what my Command prompt is saying to me. I dont really understand it. All i know is how to start it and how to stop it. Thanks.


ALSO i just tried to reload the mods. Re downloaded the sever and replaced the mods folder bin and config. Which worked and i got to connect to the server but as soon as i put the old world folder back in that has all the stuff i cant connect. Is the world folder corrupt? Please help.


Here is the Crash Report. http://pastebin.com/Fr9SvDLh

Here is the Command Prompt. http://pastebin.com/RfK3gmF0

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World corrupted. You can either start over or try fixing it with MCEdit or something similar, which involves finding what is broken and editing it out.

Another alternative: Make backups of your world often, and revert to the last one when this happens. Minecraft does not fail gracefully on crashes.

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