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My findings on how to improve server performance.

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Pros: It is always good to have more folks contributing to the community. Learning more about how your hardware runs is always a good thing. The OP is obviously trying to help folks out.


Cons: Pretty much the entire original post in this thread has ZERO relevance to anyone's experience but the OP's. Please, please do not base your server design decisions on data in this thread (so far). There is enough incorrect information to cause problems for folks if they tried to follow this.

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Do you have a problem? As far as im concerned I have pretty much cleaned this out.


The only people this thread will cause problems for is people like you who dont have a couple a £300 a month to blast on a server. Quite frankly I see this as OK. It shares what I have found with others.


The only reason you dont think this will benefit anyone is because you dont find spending hundreds of money on a server a month, Quite reasonable, But this post is aimed at people who want to spend alot of money and get a decent, non laggy server.




P.S Like I say, A lil extra power cant do anyone wrong.


Let us be quite clear. I never attacked you personally (and I won't), I was simply talking about the information you posted. Regardless of how much I could spend on server hosting (and it's currently a lot more than a few hundred/month), the information is either anecdotal or misleading. I have neither the time nor inclination to iterate over your entire post so I'll hit a few highlights:



As far as my knowledge has gone, they [Linux] do not have BruteForce SSH protection


This is completely wrong and misleading. There are as many ways to protect against brute force SSH attacks as there are ways to do brute force SSH attacks. Just a few off the top of my head: Using IPTables to limit the connection speed based on flow/frequency, SSHGuard, DenyHosts. Those are three I have used myself on multiple occasions (some of those occasions going back farther than a lot of the users were even born).



Ubuntu Desktop, from my experience, isnt as fast as CentOS


This is what I meant by misinformation. If you are using the two OSs on the exact same hardware your application performance should be exactly the same. If it is not then you have something misconfigured. Saying that one is not as fast as the other will mislead folks as it is completely untrue.



If you're going to use windows, make sure to get a good 128Bit or more SSL that is NOT vulnerable to heartbleed (I currently do not know of any)


Heartbleed was/is a vulnerability in specific versions of OpenSSL and has little relevance to the platform on which it is hosted. Both Windows and Linux, if running vulnerable versions of OpenSSL, can be compromised with Heartbleed style attacks. It also is not effected by encryption key length (other than it just being longer and taking more time to heist).


My biggest issues come from all of the information being presented in a very anecdotal, non-specific way. There are SO many things which contribute to server performance, especially when dealing with modded Forge/MC servers. How many concurrent players? How big is the modpack? How much worldgen/oregen/treegen happens? What kind of server (Forge/MCPC+ Cauldron/Spigot/Vanilla/Bukkit)? Using Dynmap? Are you on VPS/Dedi/CoLo? There are so many more things that can contribute to good or poor performance. I'm not saying the information you presented was all "wrong". I'm saying that due to the way it was presented it is mostly not "relevant". More helpful information would be something like:


"If you have X number of heavy worldgen mods (like blah or blah or blah) and want to have Y number of concurrent players here are a few hardware examples which will provide Z level of performance. If you want to add Dynmap keep in mind that it can create quite a bit of disk I/O and additional storage requirements."


Please don't make this personal. I think I have made it quite clear in all my posts that all I am after is a more fun and less frustrating experience for everyone. If you disagree with what I am saying then I encourage you to refute my claims or positions and I will be attentive to that. If I am in the wrong then I welcome elucidation.

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jominer, plowmanplow has a much right to comment on your post as anyone else.  no one is required to agree with you.  additionally, bumping is not allowed, please stop doing it.




there's a word I haven't seen used in a long time.

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See? THIS is why I dont like being any less then a community owner. People respect you when your the owner.

Guys come on listen to ME give ME RESPECT I WANT IT

And this is also the reason why I have the habit of banning people who have an opinion against me.

*attempting to suppress laughter*

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it would be really nice to just correct me on what I said wrong



And this is also the reason why I have the habit of banning people who have an opinion against me.



You guys, we should totally join his "friendlier" community!!

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well, that's got to be the least intentional rage quit I've ever had a hand in causing.
I think the best part of this screed has been overlooked so far,

My only advice is, dont be a poor shit, get £1000/mo out of your wallet and blast it on a server with a hell of alot of processing power and quality ram, like i did.

"stop being poor" is pretty terrible advice.  people should totally just go harvest their money tree or get out, right?  super simple stuff.

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