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Donater free servers?

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Okay as the topic say "Donater free server", i been thinking about and looking for a server that does not have ANY Donater perks/items or anything and i have not seen any server yet that have this and i have allways wanted a server where no 1 is OP and have God mode and what not.



But the thing is what do you think about this?,

Will you like too see servers like this bukkit,modpacks etc.



This thread is open for any ideras







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In theory, you don't need to pay for extra things. The only ones I can see being mandatory are TNT licenses--would you want to see all your hard work go boom just for some idiot's fun?

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I would love to see many servers like this. However, because of the costs that go into running a server, such as the internet connection required for ~20 connection, and the motivation/interest in running a Minecraft server, there are a very limited number of people that can do this. I wish that on my server I could run it without needing donations from people, but the fact is, I do not have the internet connection to be able to do this, nor do I have the funds to be able to pay for a server with my own money. Like I said, I would love to see this, but it is impractical for almost everyone looking to host a server.

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