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age 16 

Im going to be recording a youtube lets play 




is my partner to record with 




is my partner to record with 




is my partner to record with

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IGN: Nightrider178



Age: 12



Why: I have always wanted to find a nice and fun server for me to join and I have just found one. I have always wanted to join a server were we can all work together and build mass of things I also like the rules because they are simple and most people follow those basic rules.

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Minecraft name: Kergar87


Age: 27


Why: I discovered in time that no archivement or building reached alone is fun for long, if you reach it with no one to see it or share the benefits with. 

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      Hello. I and my friends are trying to play together. All of my friends got connected without a problem, and I am now facing a problem, where the screen is on dirt screen and a "Done" button with no text. I couldn't find any information about it on Internet. Can you help me? 
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      just looking for a few players for a private tekkit lite world. inbox me here or my email which is [email protected] i am 18 and would prefer people around that age. older is fine but younger is cutoff at 15. more mature people appreciated. semi cooperative experience.


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