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Hey, that looks like a real nuclear bomb design!  In reality the outer ring (orange area) is a conventional explosive like TNT, so I'd try that around the outside, and the blue in the middle is the fissile (U-235) or fissionable (U-238) material, so I'd stick uranium in there and try that.

Edit: Plutonium could also be used in the core (the first implosion bombs like that used Pu-239) so try that too if it's in the pack.


(In reality the explosion going off around the core holds the violent reaction in the centre together for longer and allows a more complete reaction - this brings efficiency up from ~7% to the 20%+ range, without it the explosion scatters the core and the reaction drops below critical mass too quickly leaving a lot of material unused and scattered into the air - a "dirty" bomb by its original definition).



I'm not sure how it works in this mod, but I'd be interested to hear which mod it comes from if you find out.

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