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Sacred rubber sapling

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I am farming rubber trees and i found one Sacred rubber sapling.

I know it is basicaly Yggdrasil, but how it is big? I mean diameter of trunk.

I plan to replace my mark of 0,0 coordinates (far away from my base)


with sacred rubber tree and i need to know how big land i need to clear and flat to make it look nice.

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Hopefully this answers your question. It is MASSIVE. You better have a good machine or get ready for some lag. I highly recommend not spawning one of these if it's on a server. I would estimate the base to be about 20x20.


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That is huge.

I guess i keep my pole.

Currently i am harvesting one sacred rubber tree on my test world 

I will post how many wood, rubber, sapling and sludge i got.

I would put on server only if I made comunal storage of wood, rubber, sapling and sludge

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some disadvantages if treecapacitor will really work...


1. there will be a massive amount of entitys spawned (even if they now stack to 64 per entity)

2. your inventory won't be big enough

3. even an enchanted diamond axe will not be good enough to break it entirely...



but I wonder what will happen if you connect a mfr machine to a few deep storage units... (wonder if it's able to break it entirely)

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It might be an issue if the tree exceeds chunk boundaries, which it certainly does. But having an insufficient harvesting tool won't break things, it will just leave part of the tree intact. Happens with Jungle Trees all the time.

A Redstone Arsenal axe should do the trick, or any other with unlimited durability.


But really, do not try to do this on somebody's server, kids. Smart server owners will blacklist the Sacred Rubber Sapling anyway.

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When I tried cut it with axe, game froze

It is said, that sacred tree was meant to be test what could single harvester do.

I am still harvesting.

But I think it would be worth it, if you harvest it in special mystcraft age.

Redstone in motion needs lot of wood.

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Oh boy do not play with that thing

Better have some amount of RAM, I have 4Go and Tekkit did not like generating a tree like that (it hates it so much it refuses to take a screenshot). I had to reboot my computer, totaly frozen. The part with leaves contains at least 20 blocks of wood, and it stops the light from coming through so mobs are spawning like hell, but you sure will have enough of wood to last an eternity

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Harvesting report. I got to bottom of top cone. Half million of wood and rubber. 6000 buckets of sludge. No saplings.

If I could hack it so leaves would emit golden or silver light that makes max light level within huge area I could have Two Trees of Valinor.

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Lore correction incoming:

While Laurelin and Telperion (two two trees of Valinor) did have golden and silver leaves, respectively, it was their fruit that glowed and illuminated the world in the First Age. After Melkor had Ungoliant poison the trees and feast on their power, the Ainur were only able to save a single fruit from each tree. Those were then set above the world, becoming the sun and moon. The moon rose first, giving hope to the Noldor on their sad journey. It is said that the Elves always preferred moonlight because of this.


This is just from memory, maybe not 100% precise. It's been a long time since I last read the Silmarillion.


Unfortunately, the lighting system in Minecraft will not allow for this kind of illumination.

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