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Perplexing Solder API problem


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Ok, so I am trying to set up solder, and I have gotten everything except the connection to the Platform done. The server file system is set like so: /home/myname/public_http/public. Solder is set up directly in the public_http directory (the /public/ directory containing the index.php file. I have a virtual host set up starting in the /public/ directory, so that I can just type solder.unknowncraft.us in and connect to solder. This works perfectly fine. However, when I try to link to the Platform (I have added my API key to Solder and am using this url: http://solder.unknowncraft.us/api/) this gets returned:

There was a problem validating your Solder URL. Make sure you to include a trailing slash. Make sure to include 'api/' at the end of your URL.

I would greatly appreciate any help that you all could give me!

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    • By Chrisvin123
      Hey. I'm good with most things, but Solder is out of my league. I haven't found detailed instructions, and I reverse engineer most things, so I need someone who can set it up for me. I don;t need it yet, but later down the line I'm planning, and I would like it done now. If someone could give me a site to do it on, I don't really get where it is hosted (I know file hosting, but be specific!). Can someone lay out the EXACT instructions for me to do this. I need to know how the folders need to be set up, how to let Solder in, how the Solder.php is done, and what to do with the random string of numbers that is called a "key". If you didn't get the point I need it detailed, then you may not be a person I would want helping me. I hope someone does, and Bye!
    • By xF4m3
      Hello we got a question on the solder api, we were able to setup the solder connection between our server and my technicoack account.
      I already got a modpack setup and we want to migrate it into the solderapi (or how i should say this, coming from germany so my english is not the best)
      Basicaly I would like to know how i am supposed to set up a modpack using the solder api and which link i would need to put on the tehcnicpack to be able to download it with the launcher.
      We are using Github as our remote repository, i hope that isnt a problem.
      We would like to use the solderApi even though it is in its early development stages because the concept behind it is pretty awesome, but as it is stated on the website it is not easy to configure( took us a few hours to do so) and what i like the most  is that I as the one updating our modpack wouldnt need to upload a 200mb zip file everytime i change a few configs or update a mod (on a good day I can upload at 100kb/s) so this would be a good way for me to maybe make daily updates which is one of our goals.
      I would prefer if you could explain every thing step by step so maby other people could use this thread as a little guide.
      as I said the API is already linked to my accouint so I would need an explanation from there onward.
      I hope you could understand me and maybe even help me
      Greets xF4m3
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