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Thomas Vuke

How do I limit quarrie size and amount per player?

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I am setting up a BigDig server and I would like to accomplish a few things.


I would like to limit players to 1 quarry each, and limit the size of the quarry by rank.


So low ranked players can do a 16x16 size quarry, and higher ups can do 32x32, then 48x48 and finally 64x64.



I would like to limit other things like dimensional anchors but I am assuming that what ever process that allows me to limit quarries will also work for other items.


I have already gone the mcpc+ route so bukkit plugins are an easy integration, and I already have worldedit, and worldguard installed.  I am using pex for permissions so please lets avoid telling me all the ways you can do this that are exclusive to essentials.


Thank you,


Note: why did I spell it quarrie in the title?  I am losing my mind I guess.

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