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Suggestion(s) for new mod(s)

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I was looking at the mod list, and noticed that Thaumcraft wasn't in the pack, I really enjoy using it, and it can be used for evil purposes aswell as good, similar to witchery. I also thought that possibly adding Applied Energistics and Simply jetpacks might be cool.





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Thaumcraft no, its too extensive/themed to fit in (same reason ic2 wasn't added or build craft-tiers are mostly discouraged)


Applied energistics no, basically does the same thing as project red in a lot more expensive and complicated way


Jetpacks maybe, it would fit in with the theme but there are already 3+ cheaper ways to fly in the pack.

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It breaks tropicraft? I'll ask DDDevs on that.

I know you shouldn't link one to the spirit world though, with the item removal mechanic

PS: Though I have no idea how someone can do that, maybe he crossed dimensions by warping out of deep-pocket dungeons?

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