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Attack Of The B-Team Server (Whitelist) (Small Community)

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IGN: ZeroXDarkmist

Age: 14

Timezone: Central Time Zone 

About You: Im a normal 14 year old who likes video game and fair play most of the time

Why you Want to Join: because giant servers are ridiculous

What are you good at in this modpack: every thing in buildcraft and flans mod also i know a bit about every other mod. my favorite gun in flans mod is the dragunov 

How often will you be on:1 to 5 time a week for about 3 to 5 hours each day unless i get bored or someone ask me to go do some pvp on some other sever

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IGN: Yummy_TouchXD

Age: 13

Timezone: Mountain Time

About me: I am a girl that loves sweets, pigs, and making other people laugh. I live in America and I love to build. I get along with many different ages for example I have tons of friends that are a lot older than me but we get along just fine!

Why I want to join: I want to find a server where its private and some random hacker can't just hack my account on this server. I also want to have a server like yours that I can play on with my friend because that is the only way I can reach them :(

What are you good at in this modpack: I am really good at building like not as good as Bdubs and Keralis but I am still very good.

How much will you be on: I will be on a couple hours every other day because I have to still go to junior high and do things with my family.

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About You: Eh, not much to tell, I'm a student and I'm fairly new to both minecraft and the Attack of the B-Team mod.


Why you Want to Join: I've been trying to find a friendly server to meet other minecraft people in without them killing me on the spot. 


What are you good at in this mod pack: Haven't figured out what I'm good at yet really, I'd say crafting? I mine a lot and I gather materials fairly easily to make things. I don't really know if that's something I could say I'm good at though since I'm sure everyone is.


How often will you be on: I'd be on fairly often, a few times a week certainly, and for a few hours at a time, but I can't really say when since I've got stuff to do between school, work, and family.

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About You:I love mc mod packs and I love to build

Why you Want to Join: I would like to help this server by joining and building houses for the servers helping people with the mod pack

What are you good at in this mod pack: building with tinker's construct and using forge I need a bit help but I think it's ok

How often will you be on: I will be on every day but maybe sometimes no because of school so I will be active

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IGN: frakka

Age: 22

Timezone: gmt+1, I guess (Italy)


About You: I'm studying physics so yeah, a mdopack for mad scientists really fits me in

Why you Want to Join: I want to be part of a small community

What are you good at in this modpack: all the vanilla stuff (I've been playing A LOT with redstone)

How often will you be on: I hope daily

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IGN: _Tom119_

Age: 16

Timezone: UTC +1


[edit: I don't know te technical name of the timezone but I live in holland


About You: Relaxed but active player.

Why you Want to Join: Me and a friend are looking for a small server with no griefing, it's hard to find that these days ;-)

What are you good at in this modpack: alot of the mods that aren't to indept, but it's not too hard to learn the new mods

How often will you be on: most of the time I can.

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IGN: AgentSquidbeak


Age: not telling sorry


Timezone: UTC (NZ)


about me: i will not use chat, but i will respond to people in some way, harmless troll, humorous


why you want to join: i would like to be on a small, unknown by many, server because there would be no griefers


what i am good at in this modpack: tinkers construct, witchery, thermal expansion


how often i will be on: whenever i have free time

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IGN: c_h_i

Age: 13

Timezone: Central Timezone

About You: I'm an ok person, and I'm mostly laid back, unless someone offends me or another.

Why you want to join: I hate sp, and I want a good, friendly server to play on.

What are you good at in this modpack: Thermal Expansions, Tinkers, Archimedes, BOP, and Galacticraft.

How often will you be on: About 5 days a week, or the time I'm not playing CS:GO.

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IGN: xdarkness951

Age: 14

Timezone: EST


About You:  I'm someone who just likes to play around with people, and make friends.

Why you Want to Join: I want to join because a small community is good, as i cannot find a small server that is friendly. I also want to make new friends.

What are you good at in this modpack: I'm well rounded in most of the mods

How often will you be on: at least 4 times on atleast a week, and 1-4 hours, depending on my schedule

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IGN: Fx_El3ctrify

Age: 17

Timezone: Pacific


About You: I like building crazy machines for really simple things

Why you Want to Join: I want to build in peace on a server with no fear of getting greifed

What are you good at in this modpack: Building

How often will you be on: approx 20 hours a week

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    • By joeboiii
      Hi I have reloaded my attack of the b team server I have 12 slots available for a nice community server with players that can come on regularly. as well as being able to play regularly they need to speak English. the server is running  1.0.12a I will accept the first 12 people and I would prefer it if you could contacting me by private message or posting below. good luck
    • By SuddenOrgasm
      Our Promise:
       Crystal BTeam makes a promise to all of it's players - to be the best BTeam server you have ever played on. We have custom plugins to allow for usage of items that are normally banned on other Attack of the BTeam servers. We are also constantly updating server features to assure you and your friends can have the most enjoyable experience. Crystal BTeam is here to stay, we are not going anywhere. Actually, we are one of the oldest & first Attack of the B-Team servers! Come join our lag-free server now and play with 50,000 + happy Members!
      Raiding Server (PvP):
      Crystal BTeam provides it's players with a Raid server. This is a server which allows raiding, stealing, lying, scamming, etc. Basically anything goes.. This is the original Crystal BTeam server and is packed with hundreds of unique features such as a custom player-market plugin. There are very few banned items, all mods except for Minions enabled.
      Survival Server (PvE):
       Our Survival server is a grief-free environment where stealing, scamming, etc. are not allowed. You will be completely banned from both servers if you break any rule.. We take advantage of Towny which allows players to create towns where they can rent plots to their friends and other players. This also keeps us from resetting the map as it keeps people from messing up the map too much. On Survival, economy is a large part of the server, you may get money by voting or creating a market. In fact, you can get money by being online! This is our most popular server.

      So what are you waiting for? Get your big gaming butt in our server!
    • By chubbers101
      IP: chubbers.aternos.me (there is no port, if you put a port the server's IP will not work!)
      Ever wanted to play just a plain Vanilla Attack of the b-team with your friends? well now you have a chance,
       FireOP is a new dedicated survival server that will give you so much fun online! The server was made
      by chubbers101 who's currently the owner of the server.
      What We offer you:
      〔✔〕Safe environmental server      
      〔✔〕No lag                                      
      〔✔〕Friendly staff/players               
      〔✔〕Keep your inventory on death!
      Server Rules:
      〔✔〕Don't grief                           
      〔✔〕Don't steal                          
      〔✔〕Don't cheat                         
      〔✔〕respect others                     
      〔✔〕Don't ask for stuff                 
      (More server rules Might be added soon or in-game)
      How to get whitelisted?
      To get whitelist is simple all you need to do is fill out the application below and post it on forum
      Have you ever ban banned or did you ever greif?:
      How Do I know when the server is online?
      Check on the server a few times a day and you will know or add chubb on skype to know when its on! skype: "Its Chubbers101"
    • By RapidFireFoxx
      Hi I Am Starting Up An Attack Of The B Team Server! All Mods Will Be Turned On. All Of Our Plugins Have Been Installed (Nothing Stupid Just The Basics)
      There Are Some Rules To Follow:
      1. No Griefing!(We Do Have An Anti-Grief Mechanism But This Remains A Rule)
      2.Respect All Of The Players (Their People Too)
      3.No Bullying
      4. No PVP Unless Both Yourself And Your Opponent Agree On A Duel/Battle
      5. Do Not Ask For Admin
      6. Do Not Build Near Spawn
      7. HAVE FUN!
      8. NO RAIDING
      I Am Now Accepting Applications; So If You Would Like To Join Simply Post An Application Below Using The Following Template:
      Age (You Must Be 13+):
      Did You Read The Rules:
      Why Do You Want To Join The Server:
      How Much Do You Know About This Modpack:
      The Server Will Be Up Very Soon, Upon Opening All Selected Members Will Be Shown Below!
                                             Yay! The Time Has Come! Today At 4Pm Eastern-Time Our Server Will Be Launching
                                               These Lucky People Will Be Able To Login To: RapidFireGaming.mcpro.co Right Now:
      Attention! All Accepted Members Posted Above Will Have Access Currently But I Will Be Remaking This Thread As The Server Has Undergone Alot Of Maitnence To Get It Back Up And Running, This Caused This Thread To BE Very Inactive And Since It HAs Come To My Attention That Many Of The Users Posted Above Have Found Another Server (My Opinion) I Will Be Remaking This Thread At The Link Below! If You Have Already Posted Here And Have Not Been Listed Above Do Not Post Another Application As The Users Listed Above Are The Ones That Were Accepted HERE!
      The New Thread Can Be Found Here:  '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
    • By Bamuh_
      So today i decided to play on attack of the B-Team and everything was working like normal i could play on my singleplayer world and everything, but when i decided to play on my server everything seemed to be working. Minecraft showed that the server was up and running so when i try to join it says Building Terrain as usual, but then after that it just exits me out and brings me back to the technic launcher. i've tried resetting my computer and everything. everytime i try it just exits to the technic launcher and doesn't load my server world. Is there a fix to this???


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