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JouleCraft is a special modpack made with fun in mind!  We want this modpack to be very accessable to those new to modpacks, but still interesting for those very experienced.   We have put the modpack through rigorous bug testing to make sure you dont have to deal with any bugs, because the players, who fuel what a server is, deserve it.  
The modpack is built around the Universal Electricity platform running with Mekanism.  We specifically picked that over Industrialcraft or Buildcraft because of how much more fun and bug-free it is.  We will be having frequent updates to keep the modpack fresh and exciting, and with a bright, clean new future. Join now and help build it!  
This server is strictly no griefing!  We wish to have a friendly community where everyone works together, not against each other!  We do have coreprotect, so do not panic if you are griefed.  Coreprotect allows us to see exactly who broke what, and roll it back.  All of your builds will be secure!  All griefers are banned with no chance of pardon. 
In order to play on our server, you will have to get the modpack.  Please click the link below in order to get it!  Make sure to follow the instructions.  Our server IP will automatically be in the pack when you download it.  To join, simply click "connect to official server".
We hope to see you soon!  If you like the server and modpack, please make sure to vote!
Comment with constructive criticism or questions if you want! 
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      This, Pack is very cool I hand picked all the mods myself and combined them to create "WitcherCraft" This pack is very small and lightweight, can run on any computer no matter if its a potato or office laptop.
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      I was planning on using some mods, but when I opened the modpack I intended to use, it just shut down and sent me back to the launcher screen. 
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