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[1.2.9e] 24/7 [EVOTeam Server] - Survival - MultiWorld - PvE - EU West -

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[EVOTeam Server]


Survival server for every player who wants to enjoy a new experience in tekkit

Feel totally free from the beginning to live where you want and how you want
- your life, your story -

tick.pngTechnical specs:

​​· Intel i7 Six Core 4.0GHz

· 16 Gb RAM

· OS x64

· SSD 800Gb

· 1Gb Fiber



tick.pngServer Info:

· IP:

· Location: EU West

· Survival PvE

· 20 Slots - For now

· UpTime 24/7 99.9% - guaranteed -

· No creative mode for Owners or Admins




· No griefing / grief-baiting

· No use bugs or exploits

· Do not spam chat

This includes but it not limited to: Advertising, trolling or insults

· No offensive or inappropriate skins

· No sexism, racism or any type of hate speech

· Absolutely no impersonation of staff members

· Play friendly

· Builds clean

Violation of any of the rules can result in a warning, kick, or ban from all EVOTeam servers and services

The rules are subject to change or modification without notice



tick.pngDisabled Blocks / Items

· TNT - place

· Dynamite - hold / use

· Tiny TNT - place

Updated 24/6/2014



tick.pngUseful commands:

· /bp   -Enable or Disable your blocks protection-
· /bpadd (PlayerName)   -Add a player to your friends list, allow him to place or break your blocks-
Example: /bpadd Robert
· /bpclear   -Clears your entire friends list-
· /cprivate   -it creates a private protection on a chest, lever, button...-
· /cmodify (PlayerName)   -Allows a player to use your block-
Example: /cmodify Robert
· /cmodify (-PlayerName)   -Removes a player from the private protection-
Example: /cmodify -Robert
· /cremove   -Allows you to remove a protection you own-
tick.pngServer Owners / Admins / Moderators:
RaykimESP - Owner - Ingame prefix: GM
Growdark - Owner - Ingame prefix: GM
EVOTeam is currently looking for administrators and moderators
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in the forum, via PM or ingame
Good Luck !
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Regards RaykimESP
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