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    • By jackson0201
      So my friend and I have a private server setup and have recently taken on a new project. Draining an ocean (because why not). We have 10 pumps setup with a combustion engine running on fuel powering each one (the water we drain is also acting as a coolant for the pumps). So far we have about 2000 tanks full of water and we don't know what to do with all of it. Any ideas are welcome! 
    • By Conynn
      Hey guys, 
      I'm trying to effeciently hook up an steam turbine...
      I have a max high pressure boiler (should produce 720mb/t of steam.. but how the hell do i draw this steam out at this rate?
      Best (non-effective-enough) method i could come up with is: Emerald Fluid Pipe on 12 places on one side of the boiler (12x 40mb/t =) 480mb/t ?!.... these would go in obsidian fluid pipes and those would go into 12 (!) fluid ports?? This seems really over the top right...
      So even 12 of these pipes on the sides is not enough to draw the steam out... or are my calculations wrong?
      Since liquiducts are not available.. or is there a good alternative??
    • By Nyagh
      So, I built myself a turbine and a reactor to actually power the turbine with steam. Problem is I can't seem to find a way to make my reactor make more milibuckets per tick. Cause no matter what I do... I can't figure out how to speed up the actuall transfer of water into the reactor. I always end up with like 10-100mb/t. Since BC pipes allow me to transfer maximum of 80mB/t (obsidian pipes) I don't really know what to do. Oh and I don't know how to "pump" the water so fast... I'm a beginner after all  I'd be happy if someone helped me out... It's really annoys me. Thanks ^^
    • By Pro_Anarchist
      I need help with my modpack named MetallicPack, When i try to install it I always get the message "Error Unzipping file" , I watched a video on how to make a modpack and did everything right. Here are the steps i did
      1) Made 3 folders bin, configs, and mods
      2) Put mods in mods
      3) Put modpack.jar in bin
      4) added all three folders to archive and made it a .zip
      5) uploaded it to copy.com
      6) uploaded it to technic
      I really need help, I have been constantly trying to make this work but this is the only problem
    • By 074KU
      Hi all first post here outlining a bug and short term fix.
      Been playing tekkit for years and have finally decided to give space a go.

      I have discovered that certain Thermal expansion blocks (tesseracts, pulverizes redstone furnaces etc.) disappear (do not drop, cannot be made to come back) when placed within 1 chunk of multiple oxygen sealers.
      The only fix that seems to work for this is:

      1. Remove all oxygen sealers (disabling seal WILL NOT WORK)
      2. Open a hole in your previously sealed space (I did a 1x2)
      3. Placing thermal expansion items.
      4. Fix hole.
      5. Replace oxygen sealers and re-initiate.

      I hope this helps someone as we lost many items trying to figure out what was going on, additionally if anyone has a better fix I would love to hear it as I couldn't find any pertinent information by searching here on the web in general.
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