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[1.6.4] Futurismo Modpack 70+ Mods Focused Around Science and Technology


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Futurismo modpack is intended to be an up to date science and technology modpack centered around Universal Electricity and its compatible mods, it offers

a decent selection of over 70 mods to enhance minecrafts experience, whilst attempting to be relatively stable and not too heavy on system resources.


Technic Download page with additional information can be found here http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/futurismo


Official Futurismo Server:


List of mods included:

Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2
Archimedes Ships by BalkondeurAlpha
Auto Utilities by AUTOMATIC MAIDEN
Bibliocraft by Joseph “Nuchaz” Sinclair
Binnies Extra Trees and Bees by Binnie
Code Chicken Core by Chicken_Bones

Computercraft by Dan200
Crafting suite by _bau5
Dungeon Mobs by Gnomeworks
Extra Biomes XL a Collaborative Opensource project
Extra Utilities by RWTema

Flans Mod + Parts pack + Titan pack + Modern Warfare  by Flan
Food Plus by JoseTheCrafter
Forestry by SirSengir
Forge Mod Loader by: eloraam, lexmanos, spacetoad
Galacticraft + Planets + Micdoodle Core by MicDoodle
Hats by Ichun
ICBM by Calclavia
Iron Chests by CPW
Mad Science by Maxwolf Goodliffe
Mekanism, Generators and Tools by Aidan C Brady

Minechem 5 by Pixelpix
Modular Force Field System by Calclavia
Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse
Natura by mDiyo -
Not enough items by chicken_bones
NEI Plugins by mistaqur
NEI Addons by BDew
Numina by MachineMuse
OpenComputers by sangar
Project Red by MrTJP and chicken_bones
-Project Red: Base
-Project Red: Compat
-Project Red: Intergration
-Project Red: Lighting
-Project Red: World
Resonant Engine by Calclavia, Darkguardsman, Alex_hawks, tgame14, Maxwolf Goodliffe. - Calclavia.com
-Resonant Induction: Archaic
-Resonant Induction: Atomic
-Resonant Induction: Electrical
-Resonant Induction: Mechanical
-Resonant Induction Core
Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed
Security Craft By Geforce
SG Craft by Gregg_Ewing
Slick-util by Slick2D
Steves Carts 2 by Vswe
Sync by ichun
Tradebooth by aeroc
Universal Electricity by Calclavia
Walia by ProfMobius
Balkons Weapon Mod by BalkondeurAlpha 
Zans Minimap/Voxel map by MamiyaOtaru

All credit goes to the authors of these mods who have done a great job adding awesome new content for minecraft, if you enjoy any of these mods please consider donating or becoming a patreon to the author.


If you have any comments or suggestions please post them below.


Thanks for reading.

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