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Hello Attack of the B-Team community,


my problem is really difficult. I am suffering the well-known bug that makes a server crash when you try to ride a pterosaur while you're in morph. After I did it my friend's server crashed an wasn't available anymore. It now says:"Cant reach server" Approximately once every 20 minutes it is possible for me to reach the server. Then all chunks are gone, I'm still riding the pterosaur and the server crashes after 10 seconds. We tried everything to fix the problem. For example we killed the pterosaur and did a chunkfix. A common solution is to delete the affected player's "players.dat-file". Unfortunately the server is hosted by a big server hoster so we don't have those files. Does anybody know how to fix this bug?


Thanks in advance


*signed name eaten by Gremlins!* :)

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It sounds like your going to have to edit the server files to warp your avatar somewhere else.


I don't know if this will work but you could remove you "morph.dat" file and try to log into the world and see if your a Steve now. After you fix it (if it works) you can place the morph.dat file back and get all your morphs back.

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Daniel, this issue is about riding a dinosaur, not morphing into one.


Regardless, issues belong on the tracker, link to it is available in my signature below or at the top of the page. Just a quick tip: You'll need to remove the dinosaur, i highly suggest searching for this issue as it has been reported before multiple times. I'd link to one specifically but do not recall seeing one on the first page of the tracker atm.

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