Looking for exploration/interaction mod, suggestions?

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So, I'm working on a personal modpack to play around with on Minecraft 1.6.4.  I've got everything else working, but I'm lacking something in the pack.  I have the technology covered, weapons and gear covered nicely, some magics to play with, a few biomes added for looks, and some tweaked mobs to keep me on my toes.  What I'm lacking is places to actually explore.  Something I can do while I wait for my ores to be refined for example.  Not actually looking for a combat mod though.


I tried using Millenaire mod, but it doesn't work with at least 4 of the mods already in the pack.  So I'm basically looking for a mod that can replace it.  Even if the "replacement" is completely different then that mod.  Something casual to fill in those quiet days between the nightly mob invasions.


Any suggestions for an exploration/trade/interaction mod that would help finish off my modpack?  I'm fairly open to any suggestions you all might have.  I'm sure you guys will have mod suggestions that I didn't think of or even know about.

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Extra Utilites adds a very nice "VOID" dimension. plus, theres another add-on by that same developer that adds a scary 'VOID MONSTER'


if in the overworld, when you mine deep, you will always here him. and it scares the CRAP out of you. but, hides BELOW the berock layer.


But, if you go to the VOID WORLD... he is there. and he is scarier than the Slenderman mod. :)

its add some nice fun :)

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