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[1.0.12a] Attack of the B Team [No Banned Items] [0 Plugins] [Whitelisted]

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Attack of the B-Team




Hello, I've created a new server. (And hopefully my last, this is getting old.)

This time, I probably won't be turning it off and walking away, I'm tired of being bored without people to play with.  So I'll continue on with my server, at the new version of 1.0.12a!



So, I'll just lay out the new and improved rules for my newest server!


First, I'd like NO PVP, without my jurisdiction, and permission from the other member.

I'll allow a maximum of 10 people accepted, afterwards I won't be accepting any more members.  I'm trying to prevent myself, and my computer from being compromised by the lag  that will pursue if 20 people are constantly on the server.  Plus, it's not very logical to have a whitelisted server with no plugins, to have twenty players on at one time.


I don't want any item spawners, so i'll turn off oping anybody BUT my brother, as an exception.  He will be monitoring the server regularly, and will not interfere with gameplay.  He is allowed to spawn things in, since I don't particularly care about him doing this.







So, i'll just put out the application,  feel free to make a custom one, but try to make it fit the terms that I want in the application listed below.





Minecraft In-game name (To add to the whitelist.) : 

Age (In real life.  To evaluate the possibilities.) :

Skype username. (To contact you, send it to me in a private message if possible.) :

Why you wish to join :

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack. :



So, seem simple enough.  I bet it does, I'll be accepting only ten people, so send in those applications.

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im 17

i have skype and i prefer to use it (username: joshuastuartmailho)

i want to find a server with no banned items and is private cause i hate griefers and stealers

I also have 2 more people that would play with me if u let them please, we are searching for servers right now please add me :D

p.s. my favorite mod is the galacticraft mod



please add me I have been trying to find a server like yours for around 2 weeks now

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Minecraft In-game name - LegallyOzzie 

Age - 18

Skype username - legallyozzie96

Why you wish to join - looking for a fun whitelisted server to play on.

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack - the mods i enjoy are tinkers, advanced genetics and the carpenters mod.

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Minecraft In-game name (To add to the whitelist.) : Chrill21

Age (In real life.  To evaluate the possibilities.) : 19

Skype username. (To contact you, send it to me in a private message if possible.) : chris.wilson1169

Why you wish to join : I just want to be part of a relatively small community of people who can play together in a somewhat mature manner.

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack. : I enjoy Tinkers, Thermal Expansion and Minefactory reloaded.

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Minecraft In-game name : beastnation9


Age : 14


Why you wish to join : to have a fun time with out griefing and its alot better to play with people then alone


What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack. : Tinkers construct, thermal expansion, carpenter blocks, openblocks

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IGN: blayne1999

Age: 15

Skype: blayne.maguire

Why you wish to join: i wish to join this server because i am sick of playing by myself as well. i also like having a group of people you can get along and play with.

What are some things you enjoy about the modpack: i LOOOOOVE the witchery mod that is by far my favorite! i also like the morph mod because it allows you to fly in survival!

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Minecraft In-game name: JoseLuisVlogs

Age: 15

Skype username: joseluisvlogs

Why you wish to join: I have been looking for an attack of the b-team server for some time now in hopes of finding a good community. I got tired of visiting servers where I would get griefed and raided constantly, so I decided along with my friend (who might apply later on) , Peaceblox , to look for a white-listed server where we could just have fun with a community, and play this mod pack the way it is meant to be played. I have been playing minecraft for over 2 years now, and love to build. I hope I get accepted, because I enjoy this mod pack and think it would be nice to be a part of a community where I can not only have fun on my own, but with others.

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack: I enjoy all the different possibilities that there are with this modpack. I love the mods that are included, because they have many great features to help with building, and having fun with friends.

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Minecraft IGN: Mitch2479


Age: 14


Skype username: Rovkir Hexus


Why you wish to join: I like Attack of the B-Team and playing with other people. TheNode is pretty good, but it's not updated and it gets some large lag spikes frequently. I like the whitelisted servers too because it's smaller and typically people are friendlier (In my opinion).


What are some things you enjoy about the modpack: TiCo ALL THE WAY! And Thermal Expansion. Other than that, it's an all-around nice pack.

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IGN: Peaceblox

Age: 15

Skype: shy_eyed


Why you wish to join:

My friend and I have been looking for an Attack of the B-Team server, but have had no

luck so far in terms of a good community. However, I have a feeling this one will meet our expectations. I can imagine this will be a very friendly community, and of course that is what I am looking for. I would like a server where we could play the mod pack as a community, helping each other with needs, and just play the mod pack how it is intended to be played. 


What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack:

I love the variety of the mod pack. I believe this mod pack was built for server use because of the mods like Flan's and Witchery where they are fun to play with friends. I also love building, so mods like Tinkers Construct will be of great use to me.

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Minecraft In-game name (To add to the whitelist.) :  xWAFFLLESx

Age (In real life.  To evaluate the possibilities.) : 15

Skype username. (To contact you, send it to me in a private message if possible.) : xxWAFFLLESxx

Why you wish to join : i wish to join because I'm looking for good server to play on with some new friends 

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack. : i absolutely love witchery and any of the tinker's construct and also any machinery . plus all the building possibilities of carpenters mod. if you accept me be expected to see some very creative and awesome buildings.

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Minecraft In-game name (To add to the whitelist.) : JuaniAndres

Age (In real life.  To evaluate the possibilities.) :15

Skype username. (To contact you, send it to me in a private message if possible.) :if you accept me,ask me and I will give it to you

Why you wish to join :Im looking for a server to play and make new friends and have fun

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack. :tinkers-minefactory- and morph to make some jokes

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Skype:Pm me if I am accepted and I will pm you my skype

Why you wish to join : I've been on one whitelisted sever and they accepted about every body. I dont mind that but at times my laptop will lag. they also had so many people on it they had to add a plugin to aloud more world. I also am looking for a small comuntity were everbody know everybody and are friends so when I found this sever I was super happy.(I don't like PVP.)

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack: I particularly enjoy the fact that it is so big so its great for servers like this one. The main thing i enjoy are the capeneder blocks because it adds so much creativity in building I always enjoy building and now I have no limits.

How do I know that I am accepted?

Thank you for your time and I hope I am accepted.

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IGN: masonnachtwey



I know i'm not the tenth one but i am just like you were.... bored without anyone to play with and you know how that feels so please let me join and i will do anything to do so because almost all other servers require skype and I don't have that so please let me join.




O yeah i'm 15

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Minecraft In-game name (To add to the whitelist.) :  quineylego

Age (In real life.  To evaluate the possibilities.) : 14

Skype username. (To contact you, send it to me in a private message if possible.) : quiney_lego

Why you wish to join : I have been looking for a good private server that I can play on, and I think this server can provide that.

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack. : EVERYTHING!!! But seriously, this modpack is really something. I try to be well rounded when playing on anything, but I like to spend more time on industrialization and factories.

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IGN: LRS1219

Age: 14


Why I wish to join: I would like to join because I have been looking for a nice stable server and this seems to suit those needs

What I enjoy about the modpack: I enjoy mostly everything because it is one of those things that there is always something to learn

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IGN: JohnnytotheMaxx

Age: 13

Skype: JohnnytotheMaxx

Why I wish to join: I wish to join because, I've been looking for an Attack of the B-Team whitelisted server for a while. I was in one before but then they stopped it. If you chose me I would appreciate it VERY much.

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack: I love the mods Chisel, statue, carpenters blocks and Microblocks, even though I'm not that good of a builder I enjoy using these mods to build. But I also like to just explore and mine morphed as a bat.

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Minecraft In-game name : Billyjimbo

Age: I'd prefer to keep that to myself, but I can behave in a balanced, mature nature if that is what you need to know. Privacy is a bit of a priority. (If you hold no preference I'll probably just goof off in spare time)

Skype username: (none currently)

Why you wish to join : I have used the modpack for a while, and I hope to actually find a relatively peaceful server. It'd also be nice being able to build things that others can actually see. A whitelist community without an inherant elitist tone is also nice, so smaller servers are better in this case. It'd also be nice to learn some of the more complicated areas by working with others rather than just watching walkthroughs on Youtube.

What are some things you enjoy about the mod pack: The wide variety of items that change playstyle to encourage a community to work together. The modpack makes new types of playstyles possible, such as switching priority from getting logs to killing a bat to morph into it to fly, or in stead of just getting one portal, using the Dial system to connect all your friends houses/towns with same dimension portals. Mining is seldom a chore, since some minerals are closer to the surface, and main minerals like iron and gold can be harvested from oreberry bushes. Those are some of my favorite changes in play.

ETC: I hope that the Skype bit is not a neccessity. I am fine with in game chat. Also, is mob griefing/nature grief off? If accepted, I'll try to aid other players, and in leu of that if they prefer solo, let them be. As a show of how much I want this, I just created this account just to join this server. As a similar show of responsibility, I made it onto the LotC server, which means long, well written applications, patience, and a well tempered temper.

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