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Modpack That Is Abusing The System

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I'd like to report or bring attention to a mod pack that seems to be abusing the Platform's rating and discovery system. It's called RC Pixelmon and over the last few months I've noticed it's climbing up the charts over well made original mod packs. What is it? Well out of curiosity it appears to be a crappy Pixelmon mod pack with no other mods installed besides Rei's Minimap and TMI. How was a mod pack like this climbing the charts so fast? Upon further investigation I found out that the mod pack is linked to a server that is giving special benefits to players for +1'ing the pack. So basically a server owner is shamelessly promoting his mod pack which is really more of just a Pixelmon server and taking away attention from actual well made mod packs that deserve it. Calling this a "mod pack" is stretching it, as he's just piggybacking off one mod (Pixelmon) in some slapped together mod pack. Is there anything that could be done to stop this? Thanks.

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