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[1.0.12a] NaughtyVille [10 slots][Whitelist][nothing banned!] trying to make a community experience!

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IP: naughtyville.mcph.co

This server is whitelisted

Looking to make a fun enjoyable experience for some people

nothing banned all is allowed

looking to make it more of a "mindcrack" feel

pranking etc allowed

stealing/griefing will result in a ban

come play and have fun!

Server will also be kept small

looking for older/mature people

Only thing i would like to forbid is pvp while a small mob ie. bat (it makes it really hard to battle)

cheat mode will be used to give new users a completed fly gene and the materials for a portal and dial to go to spawn.

it is not a pvp based server although pvp is allowed KOS will not be tolerated and after a battle the winner should not take the other users items.

please comment age and why i should let you in and anything else you think will help you get in.

Hope to see you there!

Please add IGN when applying.

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IGN bennyboy2580



why: After watching a ton of Attack of the B-Team videos on YouTube, I've been really wanting to play on a server similar to theirs. I love playing with mods, especially on a whitelisted server, as larger servers don't particularly spark my interest.

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Hello my name is Torben and i would love to join this server because i love the mindcrack series and i want to play on a server with people who don't grief and who i can trust. i hope i will see you on the server ^^


IGN: BananaMonkey1999

Age: 16

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I'm not sure if you are still accepting applications, but my IGN is Mxss and I am 15 years old. I love Attack of the b team and would love to join this server. It sounds like a lot of fun and I know this mod pack well and would love to help people out when they need it! ~Thanks Mxss

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Age: 13

IGN: shrapshooter2000

The reason I want to join your server is that I have been playing attack of the b-team for a while and i want to now play in a more community feel. If you are wondering what I can bring to the table I actually enjoy do the laboring tasks like mining cobblestone for hours on end. If you're not accepting any more applications just say and it will be no problem.


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Age: 28
Experience: Ive played vanilla for about a year and have been playing aotbt for a month or so. My base was griefed though in the last server I played on which is demoralizing so Im looking for a new server
How often you'll be playing: Quite often, mostly nights
Where are you from: Canada
IGN: JaggedRam
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age : 20.


reason : I like to play AOTBT with people. love to chat and do stuff together *prank included  :P


I've been playing this mod for couple weeks and have enough knowledge about the mods.


I play minecraft at least 4 days a week but usualy I play the game every day  :)


Country : Indonesia


skype : andre elanda


IGN : bro_elanda



I hope you can get me whitelisted to your server ASAP coz I really excited to join with you guys. Thank you.

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Hello! My name is Dylan and I'm looking for a good, nice, and relitivly small attack of the b-team server! I would like to play on a white listed server because single player is boring, and i hate cheaters. Hopefully, I will be joining your server soon!

Age= 18

IGN= JackDylan1677

Thanks! :)

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Ingame name: Arthuraswow

Age: 22

I've been playing Minecraft for almost 4 years or so and I tend to take breaks for a few months and come back for 3 or 4. I no longer enjoy Vanilla, but have found a new love with Mods. I played Tekkit early on while following the Yogscast and loved every minute! I played on a small sever from my house with my wife and brother with a few friends. It was AWESOME we built all kinds of things and i loved playing with the early tech mods. Sadly I'm not much of a builder I have the creativity, but I have trouble building the images in game. I ended up switching to Feed the Beast and have been playing it for 2 years or so it seems. I discovered the Mindcrack team probably a year ago and have been following them all on and off. The B-Team is awesome and I love the pair they are great together. I played some AoTB early on when they started and dropped out from lack of interest as some of the mods are much more fun with other people around. 


I have played on a few open servers, but I find it quite annoying how people tend to grief others destroying the land and houses. I am currently without a job and have all the time in the world to play games. I can only play Minecraft with others at this point as being alone is so very boring. I am looking for a sever to join to form a community so that I can finally find a place to call home in Minecraft. I would love a home similar to the Mindcrack team as they seem to have great fun. I would love a chance to try and build a home for people like me!


I also have Ventrillo, Team Speak, and Mumble if we have a server to chat on while were in-game.

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IGN: bennyboy2580




WHY: because i have been looking for a small private server and this server seems like good one to join also  i have been play on attack of the b-team for a long time but most of the servers ban most of the items.


hope I can join thanks for listening

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