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[1.0.12a] NaughtyVille [10 slots][Whitelist][nothing banned!] trying to make a community experience!

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I am TheSilentGuy, that is a silly nickname isn't it? Well my real name is Dom and I prefer to be called that but I'm not a english speaker. My IGN is also TheSilentGuy.


Well I am 15 years old, mature, can  be silly at times and I always wanted to have that mindcrack feel, not like playing with my friend that only wants me to do everything and doesn't understand most of the stuff. I hope there is some place for me or some other fellows that applied, I really want to get into it, I don't want to lie about me so I don't really have a lot to say.


EDIT : The best way to communicate with me is by Skype or Steam. Skype is whateverdom and Steam is /id/shineycsgo

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Hello, my IGN is MajorStorm, and I am 15.

I want to be part of a small server that is community oriented and most of all I want to have fun through playing the game with other people. I have never griefed, and never plan to. I have been searching for a private small whitelisted AOTB server for a while and if I am accepted here that will end my search. Thanks for your consideration.

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GN: Legendrixx

Age: 14

i would like to join because i like this modpack and i like playing with other people and its getting boring playing alone

and im a helpful modest person i like helping others with building and other projects


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Hello, my name is Riptide499. I was recently on a public AOBT server when I was horribly griefed. I decided there after that I would like to play a whitelist server that is kind and more welcoming then the rude children of the internet. I want to keep my age undisclosed, but I can assure you that I am a mature individual, and would love to join your server.

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My name's Morten, AKA. Sady2k. I'm a 20-year-old recently-graduated student from Denmark. I've been looking to join an Attack of the B-Team server which focus lies on the community part. After playing singleplayer pretty much since the modpack was released, I'm really looking forward to start playing together with other Minecraft players, and I think this concept sounds really awesome.

As I mentioned, I just graduated from highschool (I guess it is..) so I have a lot of freetime thus I'd be very active on the server if I was to be accepted. I'm a calm and chill dude, and I get around everyone with ease. (or however one would put it)

I think I'd be a perfect fit for this server. (if you guys are still looking for people)

I hope to hear from you soon!


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Hello, i posted before that i would like to join the server..... When  went on my computer this morning i saw that u whitelisted me. i was excited after that, that i could finally play on a good attack of the b team server that wouldn't  have grievers and rude people. Then i went on the server a couple minutes ago and found out that i was not on the whitelist. I don't know if something happened, but please reconsider me as a person in your server.

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Hey there, my name is John and my Ign is zom6ie_slayerz. I am 17 years old. I would like to join this server because I love playing in small group with other people, much better than playing with about 50 other people. I think you should let me join because I think I am very helpful and kind person to all. Again, I love helping out.

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Age: 14 (please keep reading)
Why you should add me: Ive been looking for a server for 3 days now. Because of my Australian time line I'm always to late. I really want to get into a server and have some fun because it just gets lonely in single player. I've been playing on Attck of the b team since it came out. I did get accepted into 1 server but they had accepted like 50 people so i was like nope nope hell nope. So as you can tell i would like to join a quite small compact server where everyone knows each other and we have a small community. Thanks pls accept me. - ALD0003

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Yoo its Mowgl13 here just wondering if there is any room for a young chap here, I want to join because I am honestly bored playing singleplayer and also large multiplayer servers I'd like to try a small community server and meet new people too!

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Hi i have been trying to find a server for quite some time and a small friendly community to enjoy the modpack:)

I would try and help as many people as I can and make their experience unforgettable. Last server i joined was Keralis' server and the griefing was so bad i had to quit within 2 days :l ... Thats all folks:D

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Age : 16 


Why: I'm good with attack of the b-team mods. I've watched loads of lets plays from it and i've always wanted to join a server with my friend. The servers we played attack of the b-team on always ended up going down.



Thanks, hope I get in! 



IGN : SithonXPower

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Welcome Beereed Mowgl13 and zom6ie_slayerz! you have been added to the whitelist! Just a bit of an update something went wrong with the old world and it had to be reset (not a huge deal as this is a new server). but the issue has been resolved but you may experience some lag from new chunks loading as it has not been explored all that much.


further more i would like to add that if everyone who is let in is pretty active and things are going well i will be adding more ram. This is a dedicated server and as long as no one causes a crash while i am afk then it should always be up!


See you guys in there!

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Age: 14 (please keep reading)
Why you should add me: Ive been looking for a server for 3 days now. Because of my Australian time line I'm always to late. I really want to get into a server and have some fun because it just gets lonely in single player. I've been playing on Attck of the b team since it came out. I did get accepted into 1 server but they had accepted like 50 people so i was like nope nope hell nope. So as you can tell i would like to join a quite small compact server where everyone knows each other and we have a small community. Thanks pls accept me. - ALD0003 this is the last time i post this so please answer like i said i have been looking for a server for ages now.

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I would like to join ..


Age: 48


Been playing Minecraft for 4 years, Had my own B-team server, then went to Icehenge from The Mindcrafters. Let it go just a few weeks ago. Know one played IceHenge.


I play every night. Played on the Craft Community Server, but someone keeps stealing my Diamonds and Lava buckets. So that's why I found this post.. Would like to play with honest people...


Country: USA


Skype: cleanjoe


IGN: Cleanjoe2

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Age- 13 But think I'm mature enough to join a server with 14+ yr olds on.


IGN - xbulletx11


Reason - I have been looking for a small friendly community to join for Attack Of The B-team for around 3 months now. I would love to join 'Naughty Ville' because of the ages of people which proves that no griefing or stealing will happen on this server. I will follow the rules and help members out when ever needed. I'm also talented at building therefore I could help with the spawn and future projects on the server. In addition I will be mature and not annoy any older members on the  server.


Country/Timzone - Uk ( GMT )


Skype - Max Gallazzi


Thanks For Reading, Hope I'll get white-listed


=- Bullet-=

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Age- 22


IGN - Disneyfreak1114


Reason: I'm looking for a fun attack of the bteam server to play on. Not a raider or a griefer. I don't like do things to people that I don't like done to myself. 


Skype: Disneyfreak1114


Country/Time Zone: USA-Pacific Time

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I am 14, but I respect any server I enter and I enjoy communities. I want to also be in a server without griefers. I also want to be in a server where nothing is banned. It would be a great experience to join a server like this. :) My Minecraft IGN is Music_Man_1121. My Skype is musicman1121mcrb. My time zone is American EST. Hope you allow me into the community :).

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