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For who added extra utilities

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So iv added extra utilities recently, and discovered how to generate 160 RF per tick using 1 stack of redstone per 240 min

Basically this:


Heated Redstone Generator outputs 160 RF per tick using 1 redstone per 4 min.


My Basic setup


(8 Generators)

Outputs 1280 RF per redstone piece per 4 min with 1 lava fabricator.


Anyone else thinks its op?



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Try pumping just destabilized redstone (redstone dust in a magma crucible) into the generator instead of redstone dust and lava.

Yea i used 30x8 of redstone, the lava comes from the lava fabricator using the power from the generators, to create 4.5 full resonant cells, plus free lava.

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Why are you generating lava at all?  I'm not sure I understand that part of it (the lava fabricator is a very expensive way to get lava).

The generator produce 160 rf/t for 4 min for 1 redstone and a bit of lava, 2 generators generates enough power for the lava fabricator to produce 2x3 tanks of lava in few seconds, i filled 6 resonant cells using 35x8 redstone , plus the crazy AE machine i have that takes 80EU per tick, plus the laser drill.

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