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I did not see another topic covering this, atleast not recently. I cannot get shaders to work witth tekkit 1.2.9e at all. When I copy the shaders with or without optifine into the modpack.jar then try to run it, it acts like it will open, then just quits as if nothing happened. I chose the correct version of optifine and shaders for minecraft 1.6.4 (which is what tekkit runs) Please help!!

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    • By BGamer18
      What is "Eden Dark"? Eden Dark is a mod pack that is shrouded in mystery if you have never experienced it. It is a mod pack that falls under the horror genre of mod packs. I don't want to reveal too many details about it for...reasons. I made this because I do not see that many mod packs strictly based around the horror genre. When I do see mod packs that are under the horror genre most of them are entirely based on movies or video games. Most takes of the horror genre in Minecraft oftentimes take place in custom maps that people make for vanilla Minecraft. Instead of making a small map...I wanted to make a universe. A universe where you are in constant unease and fear. I purposefully replaced the sounds and the music for that reason so that they properly adapt to whatever environment or situation you are in. Now go out and dive into the unknown...you'll never know what is going to happen.
      In order to get the modpack you must have the Technic launcher installed. Once you have the launcher then either search "Eden Dark" in the Technic launcher search bar or copy and paste this link into the search bar http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/eden-dark

    • By Amaxter

      The Bloodmoon is rising... Will you be able to fight it using your new magical skillls? Learn the art of Thaumaturgy to combat the darkness, or embrace the evil and harness its power with the forbidden practices of Blood Magic and more...


      - Exclusively for Minecraft 1.8.9, one of the first packs to do so!

      - An array of mystic mods included that make the world a dangerous yet beautiful place

      - Immersive Environment with sounds, weather effects, shaders, better foliage, and more!

      - Decorate your home with the creative freedom of Chisels & Bits!

      - The threat of the Mighty Bloodmoon and all the nastiness it brings...
    • By axel_rawr
      so,i really like attack of the b-team and i like shaders,but i have yet to actually get them to work well together
      i have all the right things put in for the regular attack of the b-team,and it crashes when i launch a world
      without optifine it just lags the entire game,even the menu
      and this is all purely for personal use
      i also fine that a lot of other modpacks i want to use optifine and shaders in don't work well at all
      honestly,i'd like to find a way to get these all working together,even if it means having to put together my own pack(purely for personal use) under forge or something and run it myself,but i don't know where to even begin,so i was hoping for some help
      and i'm sorry if this is the wrong forum
    • By zibafu
      Hi, playing the 1.7.10 pack with a mate atm, not been on for a while, Fancy adding a resource pack or shaders to improve the graphics.
      There's only 2 resource packs that I know of, one is sphax, the other being unity, tried them both, unity, didnt really notice anything different, sphax I cant say I'm a fan.
      Are there any other resource packs out there that work with that modpack.  Or how does one get shader packs to work and are there any that work with that modpack ?
    • By V_R
      Hey there guys!
      So, I've been looking around for quite some time, trying to figure out how to install shaders on Tekkit Classic, and I really couldn't find any proper tutorials. I've finally succeeded yesterday, and decided to make a quick tutorial on how it works. So, without further ado, I show you, a proper tutorial on how to install SEUS on Tekkit Classic! As simplistic as it gets! (You'll also get TreeCapitator, because why not).
      I hope this helped! Have fun with your shaders!
      For the curious among us, the font of the logo and text on thumbnail is Guardian.
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