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Work around to get Mo Creatures

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So I'm using Tekkit 1.2.9 and I was really missing the Mo Creatures mod. I did some research and found how to get it to run within Tekkit but I found a few compatibility issues. The video I watched said that mysticraft caused issues so you had to delete it and change some values in the Mo Creatures settings. Here's that video by the way:  http://youtu.be/DVyrW9Xqo1M

After I did that I was able to get Mo Creatures working but I ran into another, kinda weird, issue. I killed a wolf and instead of getting fur from it I got an upgrade manager from logistic pipes. Turns out that those two mods use the same item IDs so the game was getting them mixed up. I don't really have much interest in logistic pipes right now so I just deleted it. After doing that it seems that Mo Creatures is running just fine with the rest of Tekkit.

I just wanted to share that in case anyone else wanted to get Mo Creatures in their game. Also, has anyone found a better way of getting Tekkit and Mo Creatures to get along? I'm sure my fix is sub par.

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What you experienced is an item ID conflict. The solution isn't to delete mods. In your modpack folder under .technicmodpacks you will find a file named ForgeModLoader-client-0.log. Search inside this file for the word CONFLICT and it will show you exactly which mods have item ID conflicts. You just need to change the item IDs (in the Mo' Creatures config file) to an unused number. You can get a complete list of used and unused IDs by opening your inventory in game, clicking the "Options" button in the bottom left of your screen, click "Tools", set the block/item ID option to All and dump the IDs. You will get a CSV file in your .technicmodpacks<your modpack>dumps folder which will have a full list of IDs used by your client. Keep in mind that most mods have their item IDs up-shifted by 256 from what is listed in the config files when looking at the contents of the CSV file.

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