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I'm honestly not sure if this is a bug or if it's part of a mod, but researching this subject hasn't yielded me any answers yet.  My map is dotted with what looks to be random void holes.  It's definitely not a chunk loading error... or at least not the type I've seen before.  The first time I came across one, I watched a cow approach the edge and turn into steaks upon entering.  Later I was tunneling downwards to do some branch mining and while hearing the sounds of what I thought was lava, I broke the wall and out came... void water?  (Sorry, no screenshot.)  Basically, it came out in the same manner as lava or water, but it was a semi-transparent black.  Again, I thought this was an error.  I tried sticking a torch inside (it fell away) and then an empty bucket, which came back with regular water.  The blackness I could see beyond the hole was that void blackness, not like the regular cavern darkness.  Ended up plugging the hole with cobblestone. 


Anyone else experience this?  If it's a mod, it's a feature I really hate, and I'd like to know what to do to turn it off.  And if it's a bug... how do I fix it?   This same thing happened when I spawned a new map.  My browser is up to date and I'm playing the latest stable version.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Either the lighting engine is messing up, or something else weird is happening.

Go back in your world and try to take some screenshots. I'm intrigued by this.


My first hunch is that this is a lighting engine failure. Was the steak cooked, incidentally? Could have been lava on an already injured cow.

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Ugh, my apologies for not testing this out more thoroughly beforehand.  While I was taking screenshots and toggling between creative and survival mode, I discovered that the surface "holes" are actually SLUDGE.  *face palms*  So that's one mystery solved.


But I still have no idea what the "black water" in my mine shaft is.  When I scoop it in a regular bucket, it looks like regular water and is identified as water.  Burbles like lava, though, and can't really see it very well.  Is that how the Galacticraft oil works?

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It's possible that is what happens. I don't know, to be honest. I've never gotten far enough to play with Galacticraft in earnest, so I've always left oil sources alone.
Go ahead and give yourself a portable oil extractor through NEI. It's from Galacticraft and when you right-click the liquid, if it is indeed oil, should fill right up.

If not, again, please provide screenshots and try to dig to a source block of the liquid. Press "0" on the numpad to bring up the WAILA menu. I don't know the exact menu to pick, but there should be an option somewhere that says something along the lines of "Toggle Liquid Visible". Then, when looking at the source block you'll be able to see what it is.


EDIT: Fair chance it is, indeed, GalactiCraft oil, like Phlexor posited.

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That is oil from galacticraft, it makes sounds like lava and is often found underground. You can confirm this by looking at an ocean biome, as you will often see perfectly spherical deposits of the oil. The only way to pick up this oil is using the gc oil extractor and the canisters from gc, buckets do not work as it will turn into normal water.

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Yep. Best way to deal with unwanted Galacticraft Oil is the OpenBlocks Sponge. If you actually need oil to go to the moon or mars, then the MFR Oil Fabricator pumping straight into the Galacticraft Refinery is the easy way to go. No running around with canisters and an oil extractor which is a P.I.T.A.

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