Random world save and then white screen

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I was just playing like normal today and all of the sudden the screen switched to saving areasbefore changing to a blank screen. I don't know why thiis happened so if anyone had this happen to them tell me!

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I've been playing Hack/Mine for a while now and ever time the game goes off and starts to do the "saving area" then the screen goes white I fear that another one of my worlds is done for again. I have seven worlds in my single player selection that won't work anymore because of the crashes, the worlds themselves have been corrupted and can't be played anymore. I just hate how far I get in the game and then everything is lost because the world becomes corrupt. The mod maker needs to fix this problem so people will still keep playing this mod pack, because other than the crashes and corruption of the worlds from the crashes the mod pack is really good and I still love playing it anyways.

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the mod has been discontinued from updates. Frizzil stated on his page at minecraftforums that he will update it to 1.7 MC, but after that it's out of his hands as he's busy doing other stuff.

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