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New Idea + Help

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Hello everyone,


I need help and I have suggestion.


I wil start with help.

Do someone know modpack with this mods: Bibliocraft / IC2 ( Industrial Craft 2 ) and Mrcrayfish's furniture mod?

It will be cool if that mod pack which I search would be without Biomes O Plenty.


And now about suggestion.


Here in technic platform could make search with using selected mods... Just like my asked help.


For example:

Select mods which you want to have in that modpack.

And when you selected and pressed on button 'Search' it shows you modpack in which is those mods which you selected.


Hope you understand my suggestion and please help me find modpack with those modes which I typed to have in that modpack.



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  • Assembling a modpack with those three mods would take about 5 minutes. Go for it.
  • The challenge with what you are asking for concerning searching is that the vast majority of packs are large, monolithic zip files containing a collection of mods, configs, etc. Technic has no practical way to retrieve and index the contents of all of those remotely hosted modpack archives.

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