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New Attack of the B-Team server [10 Slots] Vanilla [Whitelisted]

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New "Attack of the B-Team Server" Just made 10 Minutes ago and has NO BAND ITEMS!

Its a 10 slot server thats Whitelisted and im Looking for People to join it and become Friends with on the Server aswell! You can be any age and tell us about yourself aswell! The requirements are down below...






Why you want to join:

Tell me about yourself (Optional):

Do You have Skype (I need to send IP to you):

If so then Whats Skype Username:







Thank you for your time and Hope I see you on the Server!!!! (My IGN is Shadowtale103)

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Why you want to join: the last server i played on got shut down and i'm hoping to find a new server to play on

Do you have skype: no i do not but i will make if necessary you can private message me the IP


Thanks for reading :D

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Hi, my IGN is danger134, I am 13 and I love Attack of The B-Team. I have been looking for a small server for a while, and yours fits the bill.

I have a skype, teamspeak, and a mic.

Thank you for reading man!

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GN: wyatt_02

Age: 18

Why you want to join: Ive been looking for a smaller server to play on

Tell me about yourself (Optional): I am 18 years old, I live in California (OC).

Do You have Skype (I need to send IP to you): yes

If so then Whats Skype Username: wyatt_bair/


thank you for your time

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Why you want to join:because the server that i am on no one goes on anymore looking to play with new people and have fun

Tell me about yourself (Optional):I'm 17 turn 18 on December the 8th live in Australia easy to get along with 

Do You have Skype (I need to send IP to you):yeah i do 

If so then Whats Skype Username:trentarchibald

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IGN: Zaexos

Age: 14

Why you want to join: Because i want to play on a private AOTB server without griefers and banned items.

Do You have Skype (I need to send IP to you): Yes, i do.

If so then Whats Skype Username: zwano73

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