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Attack of the B-Team Server [Whitelisted] 10 Slot Server (5 Slots Left) Vanilla NO RULES

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5 Day Old, 10 Slots, All Out Vanilla Server! We need  5 Active and Fun People to join the Attack of the B-Team Server! We have NO RULES AT ALL! We have a thing where we build alittle close to the Spawn, you dont have to BUT it helps! Please fill out this Aplication so I may hopefuly accept you...





Why you Want to Join-

Got Skype(optional)?-

If so then Username (I need to send IP)-







Thank You for Reading This and Hope to see You on the Server!

(My IGN is Shadowtale)




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IGN: mohamad1122


Age: 14


Why do I want to join : Because I love to play with people like a community or something like that, because playing alone is too boring you might know what I mean


Skype?: Yup


Skype username: mohammad.khouqeer


Hopefully I join!

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Why you Want to Join-used to play AotBT back when it first came out and even hosted my own server. I am now just trying to find a server to try and get back into it. I am a very active member and would be on a couple hours a day.

Got Skype(optional)?-yes

If so then Username (I need to send IP)-wesleyqazxsw

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IGN- BenBest1

Age- 14

Why you Want to Join- Um , First of all , I Would like to play on a small comunity server because they are more cool than big server. and i am active and i am good builder so Maybe i can help in making the spawn

Got Skype(optional)?- Yes

If so then Username (I need to send IP)-RatchetTB

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Why you Want to Join-I Love Attack Of


The Bteam And I Do Youtube So We


Could Do Like A Survival  Or What Ever


Kind Of Thing



Got Skype(optional)?-Yes I Do, Sir


If so then Username (I need to send


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IGN- patrickisapanda


Why you Want to Join- I really want to be able to work with a smaller community and build stuff and just have fun because honestly, playing by myself gets a little boring and I think it would be awesome to play with other people! I've tried larger servers but it's usually too laggy to ever do anything.. 

Got Skype(optional)?- I used to have one but I really never used it 

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Why you Want to Join-I'm looking for a server with a great community and high-spirited individuals. Also, I've been looing for a server that isn't so big that it constantly lags and crashes. And yours seemed like the perfect fit.

Got Skype(optional)?-Yes

If so then Username (I need to send IP)-if accepted i can PM you it being it's my email

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Why you Want to Join-Iv'e been trying to find a whitelisted b team server but never found one, I have been looking for a nice community and with pranks and such and this one fits the description



Got Skype(optional)?-some_dude45



If so then Username (I need to send IP)-

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Why you Want to Join-I have been looking for a whitelisted server where everyone is nice and wont steal or hack. I will be on at least 2-3 hours a day.


Got Skype(optional)?- Yes


If so then Username (I need to send IP)- timmy.harlow2

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