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Working Target Range with MineFactory Reloaded PRCs

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Hi Everyone,


I just thought I would share a couple of videos on building a working target range I created based on the Programmable Rednet Controller and the Openblocks Target.


These were inspired from the Pungence / Keralis shooting range build off in their Attack of the B-Teams channels.


The first two videos go through the process on how to create a single shooting range. They are constructed to let you create each lane side by side so to let you build a row of ranges for friendly competition.


Hope you like the idea!





Working Target Range - Part 1 - Building Lane Basics

Working Target Range - Part 2 - Program Logic


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Very cool :)


I do have a few questions for you,

  1. Where you're using the blocks in the lane in part 1 (to pass through the 'on' signal), why don't you swap the colours around (Orange/Green for example) as the hit detection only needs to work when the sign is up, so it can go on the back and work fine, where the on/off signal needs to work when the sign is down, so it can only go on the bottom face of the target.  I'm not sure if it'd be better: I think it'd still have a pretty big face behind it, only a rednet cable connection rather than a block of your choice, so I'm not sure if it'd be actually helpful but it seemed worth mentioning as you'd taken the time to make this. :)
  2. Why don't you make the horizontal segments of the display wider?  Illumar lamps are one of the rare exceptions that don't pass signal to one another when powered so you should be able to get away with it.
  3. Why didn't you include part 3?  You should post that up too, it's my favorite part!
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Hi Loader!

Thanks for the feedback! - didn't know you had come across these already!!


In answer to your questions, I must admit - the first time I was working with the OpenBlocks Target the only testing I did was to see where the detection came from rather than activation, which was originally based on Pungence and Keralis' videos and how they activated them with the levers on the back. I did get quite excited reading your post thinking that the connection on the back would disappear when the target was collapsed - and I'm sure if memory serves, it used to. Although I've just tried it again now to which, when the target is down, the red net connection stays up as a full block connection. Although one of the other reasons to have a block behind the target was to disguise the connection and blend it with the background (which is more obvious in the first video with the black) although in the 3rd video I've used more of a contrasting colour (the bricks).


I tried to make the displays aspect ratio correct from where the player would stand when shooting and also to centre it on a lane whilst still having a lane divide. If you ever look from above at the display on the 3rd video it really does look odd with the top segments being 4 blocks in length, but again this helps with the aspect when looking from a shooting point of view. Now that I think about it, it is a reasonably simple task to add a 4th target to a lane which then makes the space 4 blocks wide, subsequently I could also make the display wider.


I haven't posted part 3 yet as I haven't got to creating 'part 4' which will be how to code up the controller. Hopefully I will be able to get the video created on that today and get it linked up.


Again, thanks for all the feedback,

Much appreciated!





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Ah no, you misunderstand me - I get the need to stretch the lights further back (that's something I usually forget to do - this video shows it off very well IMO), it's the width of the horizontal segments that make it harder to read than it has to be.  Like this;



To get an effect like this;


I just think that'd make the numbers a lot more readable on the oblique angle they're on, that's all. :)

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I get what you mean now! 


I've made the changes to one of the lanes to check it out - what I also did though is add additional blocks on the intersections (top and bottom corners and also behind the additional blocks on the middle section).

Then, connect these to the bordering colours. Take your top picture with pink in the middle and the new block on the right - add a normal block behind the illuminator and connect it to green and yellow channels. I found that this block is then powered from ether of the three segments so you don't end up with breaks (like 1 or 7 where you have full sides)


It also means that 4's also go full height (extra two blocks at the top and one on the bottom). Theres a bit more red net cable involved to keep the sections connected so it ends up 2 blocks deep - but it seems to work. The only thing is you get squared off numbers but as you said - looks a little easier to read.


Now - if I could only find a way to upload a picture ...


Thanks for the tip!


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Cheers Melfice, completely forgotten about my Imgur account - doh!



Loader - this is what I mean with the blocks on the back of the segments. Its the blocks on the corner that give it that 'one channel or the other' feed to light the illumination block that is the display.



From the front



and in the lane


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That's an even better solution :D


I had actually deliberately not suggested that due to a mistake on my part - with big displays you can't use that trick, but yours is stretched rather than just big so you can get away with it fine.  You would've run into the problem I mean on the middle segment with the 2 long blocks, having to put connections on the back of those parts as well as the sides, but you can get away with it fine when it's 2x1.  Funny how the brain works sometimes (or doesn't, in my case here), huh? :)

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Still haven't got the 4th video completed yet so thought I would put the 3rd one out in case anyone is interested.


This one shows how to take the individual lanes and, by joining them with additional red net controllers, lets you add a Lane Challenge mode (or Lane Vs Lane) whereby the first lane to get to the top score wins the round.


In this video is the conversion of the individual lane (a little rebuilding to fit the new connections) and how to hook everything to a control panel.



The 4th (hopefully this weekend!!) will be go into the programming logic.



Hopefully of interest :)

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