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Pack Download reaches 100% but says it failed


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FAIR WARNING: This is my first attempt at building a modpack. I would not blame you if you ran far away from this thread! Having said that any guidance is appreciated.


I have built a basic modpack that I have loaded to my hosted web server. I can download the zip file directly from my browser and can decompress the file proving it is intact.


The launcher progresses through the download to 100% but nothing happens after that.


A file is created in the technic/modpacks/tp-sandbox/cache folder that is corrupted. 


The console log is not much help.


[b#439] 2014/07/29 19:53:49 [iNFO] Opening options for InstalledPack{info=PlatformPackInfo{name='tp-sandbox', displayName='TP Sandbox ', url='

http://redacted.net/modpack/kingsquest.zip' icon=null, [email protected], [email protected]d, minecraft='1.6.4', forge='null', version='1.0', solder='', forceDir=true}, name='tp-sandbox', platform=true, build='recommended', directory='%MODPACKS%tp-sandbox'}
[b#439] 2014/07/29 19:53:49 [iNFO] PlatformPackInfo{name='tp-sandbox', displayName='TP Sandbox ', url='http://redacted.net/modpack/kingsquest.zip' icon=null, [email protected], [email protected]d, minecraft='1.6.4', forge='null', version='1.0', solder='', forceDir=true}
[b#439] 2014/07/29 19:53:54 [iNFO] Analytics Response [installModpack]: 200
[b#439] 2014/07/29 19:53:54 [iNFO] Starting download of http://redacted.net/modpack/kingsquest.zip, with 3 tries remaining
[b#439] 2014/07/29 19:56:22 [sEVERE] Download of http://redacted.net/modpack/kingsquest.zip Failed!
[b#439] 2014/07/29 19:56:22 [iNFO] Starting download of http://redacted.net/modpack/kingsquest.zip, with 2 tries remaining



I have tried dropbox to eliminate my web server but have not been able to get it to work at all even with the work around mentioned in several threads.


Any suggestions on where to start? 

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