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Question about transfering Large amounts of RF

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So, I'm a bit new to tekkit, and in my survival world i recently built a particle accelerator that's 33x33 on the outer edge, and to power it i built a large reactor from big reactors. Now, my reactor outputs over 11,000 RF/t and the Redstone Energy Conduits from Thermal Expansion 3 can only carry 10,000 RF/t and i was wondering if there was a way to transfer more than 10,000 RF/t, or if theres another way to set it all up so its using all the power the reactor is outputting.

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You need to put another power tap on your reactor and then hook both of them up to a tesseract or run the cable to your device. They need to be fed separately into the device otherwise they'll cap at 10,000 like you said. If the device only has one power input side try hooking a tesseract up to it and seeing if it can draw power directly from that. If that doesn't work I have no idea.

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Choose one:


1. Separate conduits.


2. Multiple input/output connections to one block (from both sides - the sender and the receiver) with one cable.

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if you use tesseracts for transferring power, be aware of the 20% power loss...

so if you connect a tesseract directly to the reactors power tab and the reactor is producing 11000RF/t the receiving tesseract should get 8800RF/t

the tesseract can transfer limitless power while having te builtin loss... (but at least you can teleport your power then ;))


on the other hand, more than one connection should work. be aware that you will also need more than one connection on the receiving end. (you won't have to lay down seperate cables, it just depends on the connections on the reactor and the machine you want to power...)

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Tesseracts are efficient if you need 10k on the ouptut and produce more than 12,500RF per tick. If you have a "megareactor" producing particularly excessive amounts of power tesseracts are especially useful because you can just hook em up everywhere in the base and never run a cable again.

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Are you sure, plowman? I thought Tesseracts still have the 20% loss on power transfers.


The solution with several Reactor Power Taps is for when you run several Conduit paths. Place Forge Microblocks Covers (any material) to insulate the paths if you have not enough space to separate them. Several Taps may also be useful if you're running a huge reactor that outputs way more than even a Laser Drill setup will take. After all, it's no use if the Tesseract outputs 50K RF/t, and the machinery can only use 20 or 30. So in that large setup, it may be useful to run two or more separate Tesseract frequencies for power, fed by separate Taps.

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I tested Tesseracts in 1.2.9e and there was no loss at all. I was repeatedly able to fully charge a redstone energy cell from a fully charged energy cell on the other Tesseract, then fully charge back the other way several times without adding any energy.

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The solution with several Reactor Power Taps is for when you run several Conduit paths. Place Forge Microblocks Covers (any material) to insulate the paths if you have not enough space to separate them.


No need for several paths. Just several taps join together to one conduit. The same on the output side.



After all, it's no use if the Tesseract outputs 50K RF/t, and the machinery can only use 20 or 30.


Notice that a single Laser Drill Precharger 'eats' 5000RF/t minimum. If you give it more it will take more with no benefit. This is considered energy loss.


Quote from here

Now wait, what if you provide it 1000 MJ, instead of 500? This will do nothing. Although the code for the laser drill itself has no maximum for consumation of power, the prechargers can only add energy to the drill in packets of 500 MJ, and only once per tick.

I use energy cells set at 5000RF/t output for every precharger.

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