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TL;DR: Recommend me a mod for a modpack like .//Hack or SAO. Bullet-ted list is stuff I want fixed.


Hi! My brother and I have always wanted to explore the idea of trying to make a modpack centered around being trapped in a game, inspired by things like SAO or .//Hack. I've downloaded a lot of mods, tossed out a lot of mods due to crash/didn't work out, and have decided to keep the mods I've listed on bottom.

But it still feels kinda boring. I'm open to anything, but any mods that fix the following problems would be nice.

  • I want more unique mobs than Lycanite can offer in 1.6.4, but I don't want anything insanely laggy. Fixed by Grimoires of Gaia 2.
  • I love Twilight Forest with all my heart, but I want more dimensions/mobs to explore.
  • We're currently using TPStones as instant teleporting stones, but I can't seem to have enough endermen spawn with Lycanite's installed, so we rarely even craft them.
  • Minecraft Comes Alive is nice, but I want more villages/cities so people can feel like they have actual NPC cities and not just 3-4 houses to try and find iron in and become zombie attractant at night.
  • More pets. Mobs or robots.



Mod List:

More Wolves, Damage Indicator, Battlegear 2 (Dual Wield), Better Storage, Bibliocraft, Bibliowoods, Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel, NEI, CraftHeraldry (Scrolls and stuff for guilds!), Dynamic Lighting, Elementals, Extra Tink, Tinker's Construct, Inventory Tweaks, Natura, Metallurgy, MrCrayfish's Furniture, Pam's HarvestCraft/Seeds, TPStones, Twilight Forest, Minecraft Comes Alive, and Lycanite's Mobs.

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For your enderman problem and to add morre mobs: install dzhark's mo creatures and dzhark's custom spawner. open options after installing and click global mod options. if you poke around enough you can change spawn rates of certain entities such as endermen.


And a few of my favorite personal mods: 


Magical Crops (grow coal, diamonds, iron, YEAH!)




Thaumcraft 3 (Magic to a science, really fun)

COFH Core (When you know how to, you can change spawn rates of minerals down below, you could make diamonds spawn in clumps of 50 if you want!)

Portalgun(Difficult to install, but fun)

Pam's Weee Flowers

rottenfleshtoleather (turn zombie meat into leather by cooking it :P)

Balkon's Weapon Mod.


Recommendation: My modpack may have be perfect for what you want. It has most of the mods listed and more. I can finish fixing it's download problem. If you need help on how to get my pack, ask. Check this out after a while. If it downloads and doesn't work (or if just plain vanilla loads) then Im still uploading and editing download links.


The link to check out after a while:http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/you-may-not-be-alone.397135

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Shameless plug.exe... but thanks.


I forgot I had Balkon's on, so I've got that covered. Thanks for recommending Dr. Zharks to change spawnrates, it's really helped.

Know any mods that add more pets? I'm considering setting up classes, one of which includes a beast tamer, but I can't really find any mods that add pets. I'm using Elementals and vanilla stuff, but I want more than that.

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