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What Is Your House Like?

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I agree K, thou the one thing I still use my smeltery for is armor plates and clear glass. 


I have an auto setup that uses a few pulverizers and either redstone furnaces or induction smelters (depending on what the ore is) I have chests setup with stock keepers for the cinabar for the induction smelter and just let the rest run thru, I would get screen shots but its all done thru filters and cards so the piping isnt really anything to look at. 

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Ah yeah, smelting down armors from mobs etc is useful too, and clear glass is useful (though with the other stained glass options already, it makes it a bit less necessary) - though tbh i generally toss the mob armors/weapons/tools since its not useful and i dont bother with automating the repairing process due to it not giving much material back after repairing it up. As for clear glass, since i dont use it that often, the few times i have used it were in bulk numbers (30k+) so id just setup a dedicated smeltery for it and dont have to worry about other things going into it.

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What I ended up doing for the clear glass is to just throw a TON of sand in it and store the molten glass in resinent tanks by pumping it out a drain. I have quite a few full now and when I need the clear glass I put the tank over a casting basin that is on top of a hopper pointed into either a chest or an item duct going somewhere. Set the tank to output and it automatically drains the tank and gives glass. Vanilla hoppers still have their place even in modded MC. To feed the smeltery I just put a hopper pointed into the controller and a chest on top of it. I can afk for hours there if need be and have tons of glass in short order.


As for the armor, I just have it all stored in a locker and when I have a little time or when I need to afk I will occasionally spend that time repairing armor pieces or disenchanting stuff as those items are near my mob farm and smeltery. Doesnt take to long to do and I just add them to the smeltery as I have pieces.  

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