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My Biggest Upset

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I traveled to the Nether to get some more cobalt ore to make some more manyullyn powder stuff, and I go in and get some and see magma cube, so I fly over there and try to kill it and I get flame damage from those nether flowers and the cubes then I got stuck in a wall and my game crashed so there was no tombstone or marker of my death. I had End Game tools and a backpack full of bits and pieces of tools from other mods... FML..

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Crash you say? Post that issue on the tracker so it  can be looked into. Also, this modpack isnt hard to get to end-game materials.

Well there is no crash log so it might be on my computer's end, sometimes the modpack says (Not Responding) but that's just because it takes so long to load.

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Sometimes explosions can cause the gravestone to not spawn.  Nitro creepers blend in pretty well on some backgrounds and explode very quickly.


You can restore what -should've- gone into a gravestone now, in your servers world folder (or your B-Team saves folder in singleplayer) you'll see a folder called data, in there is a list of the inventory backups made when people died previously.


Use the command /ob_inventory restore <your player name> <the filename> and it should give you that stuff back.

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