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    • By Tyguy2001
      I am hosting a private whitelisted server which I would love to share with the community.  Only rules: No red matter explosives and no bombing spawn; breaking any of these rules will result in a perma ban.  Must have teamspeak.  If you have any friends list them in the template and they will be added to whitelist also.
      Ip: http://www.kittenwar.com/
      Please reply with the following template filled out
      -Male or female:
      -Minecraft username(Case sensitive!):
      -Hours you can be on during the week/end:
      -If you have any friends joining, if so their usernames:
    • By Lordpatato21
      I made a private Tekkit Lite SMP server.
      If you want to join, just send me your skype.
    • By Dgretty
      Small Tekkit legends server i started. Brand New as of May 19th.
      like 10G of ram,
      No Banned items, Just play and have fun.
      Looking for some people to play with. 18+ or if your mature enough.
      Dont Grief, No Drama, No Disrespect, No Dupe Glitches.
      Server Ip:
      mc.StrictlySkygrid.com (old server domain)
      Comment With Age and Ign If you're interested to be Whitelisted. 
      If you want to reach me on Skype: Dmgretty
    • By TurltecraftSMP
      Our Pack: http://technicpack.net/modpack/turtlecraftsmp-modpack.819986

      IP Given when Whitelisted
      Rules: rules.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      Turtlecraft was made to offer a kind environment with limited banned blocks and a lag free expirence.

      Server is expected to run 99.99% of the time

      We have a community spawn, Discord dank memes, pretty much all you could want in a community we want good players in our server that will be on, that's why we made our Inactivity rule which can be viewed at Inactivity.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      Applications are at apply.TurtleCraftSMP.com

      We have ranks on the server but they are not paid. You rank up as you play on the server
      PLEASE USE [email protected] for help I will not be viewing comments
    • By Erik615

      I have started up my very own Attack Of The B Team server, and just need help with a few things...
      Since there is no more Bukkit, and no more Cauldron, what do we use now as Plugin Support? Can I go straight through the AOTBT Plugin Folder and add Plugins (Such as World Edit?)?
      Also, in the server.properties file, I have tried to change things such as the MOTD (Message of the Day), I'll save it and reboot the server and it just wont work! How do I use this? Haha. 
      I have attached a photo for help and better explanation.
      Tips? Tricks? Ayudame?

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