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Little recommendation of mods

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Hello, I played hexxit modpack, its fun, but im also a crafter. Could you please suggest me some few extra mods compatible with hexxit modpack? These mods should contain some new blocks, new crafted items, or electricity and something like that. And also please, will it be compatible? Thanks for your suggestions

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It's actually not a magical modpack.

It's an adventure modpack. I have no idea how much magic is involved in Hexxit, as it's been quite a while since I've played that.


The idea for Hexxit was to always be on the move to do more adventuring and looting. Not to stay in your base and stare at your books all the time.

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Well I havent found anything like magic in hexxit, so lets add some? :D Will be it easy to modify it? :D Like just copy all existing mods, add new and make modpack? Or is there something like list of conflicts?


And hexxit is cool, yes, adventure and loots, but I also spend a lot of time building something. Currently I have started large stone brick house :) And I will have all existing portals on and some pocket dimensions. Also I want some more options for constructions, not the galaxy ones.

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