[1.7.10]Crimbo Grotto[PvE][10 slots][Whitelist][Cake in a Pack]

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Modpack: Cake in a Pack

Server Address:

Server rules: Don't be a jerk. Try not to kill the server. Have fun.

Description: My girlfriend and I just switched our server from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10 and figured we would invite some people to come join us in our new world. We just started the world today, so we have yet to make much in the way of progress. The server will be up 23.9/7, just down for a reboot for a few minutes each night. (Around midnight EST, but I'm willing to change the particular time to reboot if that's bad for anyone).


Mod List:

Advanced Genetics
Applied Energistics
Biomes O Plenty
Blood Magic
Ender IO
Ender Storage
Equivalent Exchange 3
Extra Utilities
Industrialcraft 2
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chests
Modular Force Field System (Calclavia)
MineFactory Reloaded
Nether Ores
Pam's HarvestCraft
Project: Red
Steve's Carts 2
Tinker's Construct
Thermal Expansion 4
TiC Tooltips


Currently it's just the two of us playing. I tend towards more technical builds, whereas my girlfriend is far more creative. We're up for anyone friendly to join us on the server.


To apply for a whitelist, just post here or PM me with a little bit about what kind of minecraft player you are, and your minecraft username.

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I am a fairly all around player, but I do enjoy the satisfaction of doing things in survival, lol. I am very interested in doing some kind of large-ish automation project that can't be done in vanilla. I am 39 and just looking for some other chill people to make some cool stuff with, hopefully that I will continue to play other mods and games with.


I have a mic or whatever form of communication you prefer. You can find me, literally everywhere I am, as: camodragon09, email: [email protected], or skype, steam, G+, FB, etc etc.

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 IGN: Armel0910

Age: 21

Skype: bastian.braye

In game skills: building, redstone, adventurer, i like to teach people how things work if they need my help

im looking for a great server where nobody can mess with my stuff without my permission, what is very difficult to find. and its why i will apreciate a lot if im accepted on this server.

I can speak French, Dutch and English

Im very experienced in a lot of these mods

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age Well 13 but im quite mature for my age

Skills: well im more included to building and Building untill i have a town. and then using the mods in a modpack to improve upon the builds. General a builder but also i like to use redstone and get creative. Im looking for a Server Where i can build in Peace And general have a good time in a good atmosphere. 


i know theses mods quite well the only one i have never tried is witchery XD

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Name: Hamonous

Skype: Hamonous

Age: 24

Skills: You name it


Im generally a machine/tech guy but I am fluent in every mod in your pack and can help with any problems (Server crashes/troubleshooting included). I've hosted my own server/modpack for about a year. Am looking for some new players to interact with.

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I love your server, its my first time playing on 1.7 so it has a bunch of things im not used to. Browsed around a bit and look forward to seeing other people online playing

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Experience:I've been using the Technic Launcher since the old launcher(With Technic)and still until now,Learning the new mods that people are developing and really exciting to see that the Community can do these kind of stuff.


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IGN: Ubergoober429

Skype: jimmyage429

Age: 17

Skills: Wide range. includes plugin and mod knowledge, Creative building skill, Tech and magic knowledge of most mods, and good with troubleshooting servers.

Generally I'm a friendly and entertaining player. I'm applying so I can play on a server with some chill people and just have fun. I enjoy doing my own thing and very self sustainable but I also enjoy helping and interacting with other players.

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I'm 13 and I have lots of tekkit experience and I love to help others.

I also am good at redstone and like to build large machines.

I just hope you accept this its not much but I think you will like me more when I join.

My ign is Rapidresponder09

I would also love to learn the new mods in this pack


What is the exact name of the pack?

Edited by Rapidresponder09

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