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Hexxit Modification

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If you have no intentions of distributing the modpack or sharing it with anyone then it is totally possible to just drop in more mods and configure them to work fine with the existing Hexxit modpack. As long as you don't change IDs in any of the existing config files you should even be able to play on normal Hexxit servers with your locally modified pack.

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Oh, it's not a problem to share it, it is just that if you deviate from the default pack and want other people to connect they will have to have the EXACT same mods and config files. That would require a custom modpack.


As for how to add mods, kind of yes. Simply add them to the pack's mods folder. Start the client and it will error out if you have block ID conflicts. Those will need to be fixed if it happens. Once the pack starts you will need to check your ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file for the word CONFLICT to identify any item ID conflicts so that they can be resolved.

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Ok Ill try to add some mods this way, btw log files 700+ megabytes? :D


Okay, fixed some duplicate errors, i was blind copying some mods twice :D but now minecraft says there is missing mod applied energetics-core, more in log..

So here is log: 


Browsed serendipity, and tekkid modpack for some clues, but I havent found anything. I smell some editing now, right? And thanks for helping me :)


//after i got some sleep after work, I tried to find more clues, but I was unlucky. There is in log some dependency, but I am totally unable to find where i can get the AppliedEnergetics-Core. Could you please help me? Thank you for responding :)

Btw, plowmanplow do you have skype? I prefer some sort of IM If I feel the problem I want to discuss is more complicated than several posts :) if you could help me using some IM, I will be happy :) Thank you

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It looks like you are trying to include the 1.6.4 version of Applied Energistics in your 1.5.2 modpack. You need this version: http://ae1.ae-mod.info/beta/appeng-rv14-dev2-mc15x.zip


As for the rest of your pack, you need to be assembling a custom modpack at this point. These posts (by me) may help you:


Getting Mods:

Using Plow's BareBonesPack:

Making a Server:

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Block ID Conflicts:


Block ID conflicts will usually either crash the client or generate a file named IDConflicts.txt in the client modpack folder. If the former you will need to examine the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file (also in the client modpack folder). Towards the end you will see an exception which should reference the block ID and mod in question which will allow you to change the conflicting ID in the listed mod's config file. If you get an IDConflicts.txt file it will list numerous conflicts between specific mods and a few ranges of unused IDs. These are also resolved using the config files. Block IDs should be less than, or equal to 4095.


Item ID Conflicts:


Item ID conflicts will seldom prevent a pack from launching. Once the pack starts for the first time you will need to examine your ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file and search for the word CONFLICT. Not all conflicts can or should be resolved, and it will take some experience to know which those are just by looking. Focus on the conflicts that specifically reference two different mods by name. Keep in mind that most (but not all) in-game IDs are up-shifted by 256 from the value defined in the config files. A full list of used/unused IDs can be dumped to a CSV file using NotEnoughItems:

  • Start a SSP world.
  • Open the inventory screen.
  • Click the Options button in the bottom left.
  • Click Tools.
  • Set Block/Item IDs to ALL.
  • Click Dump. A CSV file will be created in the dumps folder inside your client modpack folder.

Use this list, keeping in mind the typical up-shifted in-game values, as a reference for IDs to use when changing your configs to resolve item ID conflicts to an open range found in the CSV file. Item IDs should be >= 4096 and <= 31999. Those are in-game IDs so keep the up-shift in mind.


This is one of the primary reasons why config files must be in all modpacks. The only way to ensure that conflicts are resolved, and that IDs are synchronized between clients and servers is to have a full compliment of config files in the client modpack.

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Well, I guess i have found all mods i want. After adding few more dependencies It crashes.

Here is crash log: 


Here is ForgeLoader log:


Could you please look at this and tell me what is wrong? Thank you :)

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