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    • By Nyrab
      I recently created a modpack, but i can't connect to my friends via Hamachi, so i tried to make a server but it gaves an error that i don't understand
      But in this topic i prefer start of the beggining, i need help to make a server or just a way that i can play with my friends via Hamachi
      PS:I want a free way to make it, i tried Aternos but i didn't find some mods that was in my modpack
    • By raf
      No Rules - HinnomTX[PvP][10 slots][no banned items] IP: I decided to open a small server because of the previous post.
      no rules, pvp, griefing, all allowed. We'll see what happens.
    • By xSable
      NOTE: We are no longer using the previous modpack, we have since created our own. Please download and join us! Give us a like and follow if you want!

      Modpack Page:
      Server IP:
      Server Rules:
      NO RACISM NO SEXISM NO RELIGIOUS DEBATE Do not disrespect staff based on their job. (You may insult all you want if it's gameplay related, this is an Anarchy server after all.) If you have a formal complaint, bring it to Management directly. English Only in Global Chat If you cannot speak English, please speak in private message. NO Excessive Spam/Character Spam/Excessive Caps Excessive Spam - Constantly repeating messages or phrases. (HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP! HELP!) Character Spam - Repeating multiple letters or scrambled variants. (asdfgasdlgja or Nooooooooo!) Excessive Caps - Repeating capitalized letters in sentences and words. (OMG WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN! or NOOOOOO!) NO Advertising any modpacks or servers unrelated to X Legends Network. Doing so results in an immediate ban. If you have a suggestion for a modpack that we should create a server for, let the staff know directly. Do not post in global chat ever. Description:

      I created this server because I enjoyed the modpack, and didn't enjoy that my multiplayer experience with this modpack was lacking. There is an official server, but it can be touchy, and lacks support. This server is openly available to all players, and we do what we can to solve the issues brought to us, as soon as possible. So if you like Magic, Mayhem, Quests, World Events, etc, we're in the works every day, building up this server a little bit more. We'd love to have you join us and watch the server grow!

      Expected Uptime:

      Nearly 24/7
      As stated, the server is still being worked on, but so far the only downtime we've had was for major changes taking no longer than 30 minutes, and a simple restart that runs now and then (lasting only a few minutes.)


      We're looking for players who have NO knowledge of what they are doing, and players who know EVERYTHING about these mods. Players who believe in having a strong community over a wide variety of modpacks and networks. It's the life-blood of Minecraft, and all the mods/plugins that come with it! We aim to keep our players interested and entertained, and keeping the environment clear of immoral players (dupers, cheaters, hackers, generally unpleasant) and generally clean.

      This server currently has no whitelist or greylist. It has an open rank system with faction based rank-ups. Meaning you can join a faction at the lowest rank, and the rank-ups from that point will reward you with new and exciting kits, varying depending on which faction you chose when you started.

      Hopefully you're excited to see what we may have to offer you! Come join us!

    • By willthing
      Hey guys this is a new server i made for about twenty players
      -link to modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/q3tawfgawet3.583999
        -only grief if the owner of that base is on
        -don't set off really anything that lags the server a lot
        -just have fun and be cool
        -swearing is allowed but keep it classy
      I put this server up so my friends and i could play a fun modpack, and i decided to make it an open server
      Any kind of player is welcome just don't be an A$$
      up time is everyday from 7AM to 10PM
      we really don't have a community yet but we want players to be cooperative yet competitive  
    • By Chilon_Thanatos
      Welcome to Reapers pixelmon server! Join your friends and start your pixelmon adventure to catch them all and be the best there ever was! Will your name make it into our hall of fame or will it be added to the graveyard of lost souls?We host monthly tournaments to see which of our players can earn the title of the best around. We also have weekly events and soon to be added minigames for you to enjoy or rage at with your friends. Come join the community of Reapers today and don't forget death sees all, hears all, knows all....    
      Custom plugins to improve your experience include:
      ~Grief prevention
      Server Version: 3.4
      Download links for pixelmon mod and forge.
      Also for new players that join are eligible to 1 shiny(non legend) pokemon of their choice in the form of a code (Gray Sama) message this code to a admin upon joining the server (or mod if a admin is not available) and you may receive a shiny of your choosing. Also check our website ( http://reaperspixelmon.enjin.com/ ) to keep up to date with our current news and events! 
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