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12a| ~ Haven ~ | Smallish whitelist, no grief. Mature hangout founded by likeminded people sick of failing servers and the usual drama.

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Notice: 12a wasn't friendly to older maps. It was a tough call but players agreed that we had to reset our map. Everything's fine now and we landed on our current host who is fantastic.


Tired of the sucky hosts that oversell their machines and don't give a flip? Unhelpful tech support?

This guy saved our frickin' keister. Tell him Stormy sent ya.

McDust Hosting



Due to natural decline of applications and interest, the server is closed. Good luck!




Sidenote, if you're a codejockey looking to help with a future Survival based modpack, very very Survival based, that isn't another Agrarian Skies lookalike, throw me a PM.


 I am having minor compatibility trouble with a couple things, mostly Mo Creatures' Custom Spawner glitching mob and animal and mod creatures spawns in Biomes O Plenty despite careful config adjustments across each mod. It would help if I could get a second opinion in case of derp or someone who can point in the right direction. :)


The modpack? I intend it to pick up the torch for where Life in the Woods and its clones come short, and you realize that save file isn't interesting anymore. With so much more to do and as minimal machines as possible. Way too much machine reliance everywhere.


For multiplayer it emphasizes community cooperation, and I've had so many times where I wish I was running my save as a server for friends to join and enjoy it with me. So far I have it pretty open-ended for every playing style; lots of configurable goodies for people's tastes. A few ways to adjust the Survival experience to a "YOU'RE GONNA DIE" challenge, because Minecraft needs more Survival challenge! It's a survival game. :) Tell me that and the creative building aspect isn't what drew you to the game? hahaha


Basically fun times that remind you why you loved the game in the first place. Wanna help? lol








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Well, that was quite a post...anyways;

I'm mvilcis. People on my personal level know me as Mantas, but I doubt you can even pronounce that name. And I'm kinda creeped out then people call me names ,since this is the internet after all.

My IGN is mvilcis. Just like anywhere else on the internet...I'm 13 years old ,but mature at my age. Also if you accept me I'll PM my skype. It's quite a personal thing. So, if I do get accepted for some reason, I wanna play

some mods! I never play modded, well much. I did play some. I'm not a noob though, I know the basics and plus you can always Google something. I like building, but I'm not the best at building in modded, obviuosly. I just wanna play some AOTB, really. I also like cheese. I think I said enough ;)

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IGN:. RevestJoris

First Name: Well.. even though you don't want to call me Revest.. or Joris.. or RevestJoris, my first name still is Joris :P

Skype: JorisRevest (This really shows off my creativity doesn't it)

Age: 25 and still counting

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT

I was another server, which was getting boring fairly quickly, because i was on a lot.. but other people weren't. It felt like single player most of the time, with the 'down'-sides of multiplayer (lag, server resets, etc.). I love to just enjoy playing minecraft with other people. Showing off cheeses. Getting amazed by other peoples cheeses, but most of all, cheese things with other people. Nah, all kiddin' aside, I would love a busy spawn town, lots of shops and crazyness and a helpful community. 

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IGN: TheCantStopMe

First Name: Jakob

Skype: TheCantStopMe

Age: 16

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I would enjoy to start my own bakery on your server with some cheese pizza, and other sorts of food. Food plus is one of my favorite mods in this modpack and would enjoy serving food to everyone.

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IGN: Nitsuj311

First Name: Justin

Skype: Nitsuj311

Age: 23

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Oh geez a paragraph? How cheesy is that? ;) I want to be on an active server with a mature group without having it go down in a week. Hopefully with more Americans this time around (just the time zone difference, not racism lol).

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IGN: blazenboltsteel1

First Name: Brandon

Age: 15 and mature

Skype: Blazenbolt

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I would love to be on and great server meet new people and make friends. And I would mess around with necromancy and tinkers' construct and thermal expansion. But most importantly have fun on a great server. :)

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Tell us about yourself! We want to know about you.

IGN: noburst

First Name: Tyler, I also go by Bob or Rockloth, devourer of worlds

Skype: king.noburst69 Im open to using voice chat, but i'm not always able to

Age: 17, 18 in september :)

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Well, my goals are simple, I want to build a town where people can come and live, a haven where people can practice witchcraft and necromancy without being judged by others. But mostly, I just really like the sound of your server. Its really hard to find servers with decent communities because they're usually run by tyrannical admins that want things to be THEIR WAY and nobody else has a say. The idea behind the way this server is run is really cool and I want to see it put into effect. I also want to gather milk, lots of milk. Thousands of gallons of it. Perhaps I will make cheese out of it, perhaps not, only time will tell.

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First Name: Matt

Skype: matt519hew

Age: 25

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I am a new player to attack of the b team..I have been watching Chimneyswift/PSJ/generikb make videos for awhile and decided to get into the game myself. Looking for a server with mature people that will have fun and stick around for awhile. Since i am new i am not great at any particular mod but i am very interested in tinkers and i love the furniture mod..Also a huge fan of mining!!

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IGN: mli7

First name: Emelie

Skype: Can get it if its an obligation, no problem!

Age: 25

Motivation why you should pick me: I'm so tired of other servers with all the grief, inmature people and rudeness. Iam a nice girl who loves to play Minecraft, especially Attack of the B-team. I'm familiar with the mods and would love to be a part of a helpfull, happy and mature community.

Have a nice day and keep mining!

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IGN: Nisao

First Name: Nisao

Skype: I haz it (MP)

Age: 25y

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I'm looking for a mature & friendly community. Sounds obvious enough, but between servers' rules and reality, there's often a huge gap. I hate griefers. Even Cheese-us Christ himself wouldn't forgive them (we should all pretend this joke never happened) What I'd like to do is founding a small town (or joining an existing one if someone wants to take me in) and simply have fun.

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Hello my application is for two people Myself and my Bf. 


IGN: green_babe Chaos_fortune.


first names : Sarah and Simon.


Skype: Is available in a pm :D.


Age both 25. 


Short paragraph, 

ME and my bf have been looking for a good server for a few months now, having put up with failing servers and just downright cheesey people.

I mainly do the normal minecraft stuff gathering resources and such likes, where as my bf has a fun time building anything he thinks of and likes to dabble in the art of witchery. 


Thanks for the consideration Sarah and Simon. 

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Yes yes.. yes all the way! 


IGN : Boyandarrow


First name: Christian or Zack, I don't mind 


Skype : sensual_sandwich


Age : 17


Paragraph :


I've been in my share of dying or failing servers and all I'm looking for is a nice stable, community-friendly and drama-free server, I like to spend time on the little mods such as food plus, not a factory freek or an automation geek, I enjoy building community ...builds (a bit redundant, I know), quirky shops and a nice little disorganised cabin-in-the-woods kinda base :D


Hope to see you soon gals and guys,



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IGN: rayquaza125

Name: call me Percy or Ray

Skype: rayquaza125

age: 13

Goals on this server:

Be a MAD Scientist   :science:

:monar: Do some redstoning cheesemaking witchying advancing geneticing and livin' life to the fullest yo :rock: (music)

Ima redstoner who loves mods like adv gen and thermal ex. and I had almost half a year of experience with the witchery mod too

(getting a bit sick of large servers cause of lag and griefers and I like small ones so you can make some friends without being crowded by people)


(Q's: I just started using Skype sooo im a bit confused with it)






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IGN: ElectricLemonade

First Name: Landon

Skype: landon.faulkner13

Age: 28

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I've been looking for a good modded server for quite awhile now and b-team is an awesome mod pack I've been playing since it's release. I enjoy playing with fun, laid back people who love the game as much as I do. Look forward to hopefully playing with you all!

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IGN: Shiki_Ryogi

First Name: Niek

Skype: multiniekie


Paragraph: I'm looking for a small server where people are friendly to each other and people just have fun.

I enjoy making builds based of pop culture and i'm a reasonable builder.


I look forward to playing with you all :D

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Tell us about yourself! We want to know about you.

IGN: CodProsNot

First Name: Nick

Skype: codprosnot

Age: 13

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I wanted to join your server so I can record an AotBT series for youtube. Ive found a few non whitelisted servers but theyve banned the fun items. And I dont want to deal with all the cheese (Did I mention I'm lactose intolerant?) of making my own or buying my own so I'd love to be apart of yours! I hope you enjoy my application and if you need to know anything else about me just message me on skype. :D

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IGN: tobias_

First Name: A real shocker, Tobias

Skype: I no haz, but will get one if i get accepted.

Age: 28

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I have no plans whatsoever of what i want to do. I've been looking for a laid back server where you can go around doing your buisness and at the same time have some people to chat and interacct with.

I mainly like to try different things in this modpack and just see where it gets me.

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IGN: Pokechef
Skype: Pokechef993
Age: 13 [Rather Mature for age]
I absolutely love cheese -er... B-Team. In my previous server, I was a sneaky little witch for my age. I almost infused myself until the server got destroyed by some idiot. Then I came to the forum post. The server sounds like the best thing since sliced bread. With cheese. I have been looking for a server to whitelist to for so long... but here is my Haven. (literally.) So I wanna play the game how it's supposed to and I hope everyone will be as friendly as the official private server's users. I need an actual friend, not a griefer that spends his life as a traitor, a friend that can teach me, a friend that can nurture me, a friend that can teach me how in the hell to work Thermal Expansion and Buildcraft machines. That's what I want. A server without complaining 6-year olds. Thank you, Haven, and goodnight.
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IGN Chris38199

First Name Chris or you can call me Chrispy

Skype I haz rather pm 

Age; 14 turning 15 in april

paragraph I like to join a small community so that I can play together learn from other people (about witchery) Im gonna be on about for 1-3 hours daily unless I want to play another game or cant. Ive used laser drills in a creative world and their energy hogs I wont use them but other than that I found CHEESE in my chest and I was in awe never heard or seen it (moon cheese) 

I will be building a house making my own energy stuff so I can make all kinds on things like mob farms heart farms and even gold farms I will donate to the community for a carpenters blocks farm if theirs isnt one already, but i will need to hook that up to a power system that plants and harvest trees.

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IGN: toastlord101

First name: Joey,Joe, or Joseph



paragraph: I would like to join a small community because big communities especially mine craft communities are full of really bratty kids who talk about the lamest shite and think Metallica is and i quote "old and lame" all i want is to haz funz with people. i can be on whenever because i aint in no learnin school no more (well technically i am its online schooling). i agree with all of yer rules an such and to be honest i didnt know anything about the minion mod till now. I am an okay builder and really like just being chill with some people and talkin bout things like music and wizards. and that is the end of my paragraph and i cant think of a good way to incorporate this into my paragraph so just watch it...  

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Might as well;





First Name:

Jason (or you can call me Sky, I suppose. It's what I got used to after 6 years of using the internet)









I would like to join the community mostly for my interest in cheese (did that sound weird?), and just to hang out with people. I'm a quick learner and even better at socializing. I think I could help some people out on ideas. Reason why I choose for the B-Team package is probably to add a bit (or a lot, actually) of variety into my gameplay. And that would be even better when part of a community. :D

Also, I'm a funny man. So if I'm allowed to join the server, be sure to crack some jokes with me. Everybody loves a good laugh, right? Laugh, dammit!


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IGN: ozon399

First Name: Noah

Skype: jarognm( if you can't find that search Noah Jarog, there will be a picture of J.D. and Turk from SCRUBS hugging)

Age: 15

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I'm not looking to have a place where i can just mind my own business and build, because if i wanted that i would just be playing single player.  My goal is to help others and get help from others with builds and advancements, and to interact with others via chat or skype.  I enjoy all of the mods on attack of the b-team and the only one i have not yet gotten into is witchery.  I hope that every one is friendly and tolerant. 

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Tell us about yourself! We want to know about you.

IGN: Nigeltd

First Name: Nigel

Skype: you can add me on Skype at nigeltinsley2010

Age: 15

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Bonus points for creative use of the word cheese in a non cheesy fashion.

well to start i have played on another atotb server for 4 months (whitelisted) and i enjoy making cheese pasta and the flans mod, i wanted to be the gun slinging builder of the server!

i will be playing everyday for about 2-3 hour wether its night or day

so i hope you consider adding me can't wait to hear back!

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First Name: Pat

Skype: live:mr.pandam4n              (aka Pat Lind)

Age: 14 - 15

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: The thing about friendly servers is that the community is fantastic and enjoyable. I'd love to go the the moon and gather some of those cheese blocks... Because the moon is made out of cheese right....?? Anyway, my main goal for this server is to make a moon base! I love dimension mods, and Galactic Craft is one of my favorite! I'm literally a no life on the computer.(But with school coming up that might change...) I hope I get whitelisted :)

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  • Similar Content

    • By JustTrash
      I don't quite know what to write, but I'll give you a quick rundown of the server.
      What is our server? Let me tell you, we like to consider the server semi-rp, what do I mean by that? Well, we like to promote a team/solo based interpersonal world. Create communities, meet new people and maybe even wage war ;).
      We like to keep things free an open, we don't like restrictions, so you can expect looser ban lists, less plugins, less lag.
      What plugins? Plugins on our server consist of;
      - Essentials : The essentials!
      - GroupManager : To manage the groups!
      - GriefPrevention : To keep your builds as safe as you can! (/siege enabled!)
      - Buycraft : To benefit our benefactor.
      What can I be expecting from the modpack? Fun and enjoyable mods, explosives, armour, weapons, tools, quarries, magic, a mod for every person, A tool for every miner, A sword for every warrior. Our pack can be downloaded at this link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/monitors-fun-pack.1263647
      How do I join? Our server IP is legnuts.fluctis.com:27334, and yes, the server IP is kind of strange, we do like to focus on our builds and stuff, but our community is definitely one to promote jokes. The server is whitelisted, we like to make sure members of our community are people who we feel can understand and appreciate our rules and such. To apply for the server, you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/r4T8BV7! All you have to do is confirm you understand our rules, and state why you wish to join!
      Speaking of rules... On our server, our rules are pretty simple;
      No cheating.
      No glitches.
      Also, we do not want players exploiting plugins, nor bypassing griefprevention. As you can see, we really don't want players to be restricted by any means! Our banned items also put into action this same argument, as of now, our only banned items being Watch of flowing time (ProjectE) and Dark Matter Pedestal (ProjectE). 
      Hopefully you have taken interest in the server and community and apply! I have decided not to attach any pictures, but rather leave it a surprise for the people who join.
      Thanks, see you soon!
    • By antimore
      I host a custom modded survival server at home but at the moment I just play with some friends so ofcourse our community is quite small. So that's why we are searching for a few new people that will be active on the server. We do only accept people over 18 and expect you not to ruin everything for everybody. We would like it if you have discord and a descend mic but that's not a must. A big plus is if you speak dutch, we don't mind you speaking English we can do that too but all of the current players are Belgian.
        Some basic rules:
      - Use common sense
      - No griefing, ofcourse that's an instant ban. (But you can claim your own chunks)
      - Be nice to others
      - Don't to anything you don't want others to do to you
      - If you read the rules, answer rules questions with I consent
      - Don't ruin the map by leaving half trees or 1x1 towers
      - Act like an adult and just have fun on the server
      - Don't make any structures that cause major lagg
        The modpack:
      If you get accepted we will send you the modpack and the server ip. It's on technic launcher and gets updated with mods people suggest and like. By now it's pretty complete and has about 210 mods.
        The server:
      I host the server at home on a dedicated pc. It has an 8-core processor and 8gb of ram. Enough for now.
        Whitelist application: Answer in reply or dm me.
        - IGN?
      - Name / Nickname?
      - Age?
      - Timezone?
      - Minecraft modded experience?
      - Ever been banned before? If so, why?
      - Have you read the rules?
      - Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you?
    • By Vintagent
      Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Gir-- HA! There are no girls on this forum, although if you are a girl, you are still welcome to join my server. Okay, jokes are over, let's get down to business. My name is James (Vintagent) and last year I started a fresh single player world on the modpack TekkitClassic. After about a month or so I started to get bored, so there sat my single player world, cold, alone, tired, hungry, until one day I decided that I was sick of playing games alone. Lo and behold, VintaCraft was born! VintaCraft is a TekkitClassic server that is all about building a friendly community to help each other out. Whether it is huge builds, crazy machines, funny pranks, or just chillin out, VintaCraft is the place to be. No need for competitive playing, raiding, or griefing in any way. We play with each other for each other.Now, here are some specifics..
      Tekkit Version 3.1.2 Whitelist is enabled, please email me at [email protected] or message me through the forums and just ask me to give you the required information that is to be filled out for an application.  Pvp is disabled, I want a friendly and fun community. Nobody like this ==>  There are absolutely no banned items, I want everyone to have the full TekkitClassic experience, but you need to be responsible and respectful. GRIEFING AND RAIDING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, either act will result in an immediate ban from the server, with no hopes of returning. This includes scamming, "trolling", hacking, or client side mods that are going to give you a leg up, just play clean and fair, and you'll have fun. Essentials is the only plugin on the server, there are no mods or admins that contribute, just me. There are 10-15 spots open! Friendly Pranks, jokes and whatnot are always in good fun, as long as they are reasonable. Server runs roughly 24/7 Running from the East Coast of the USA Nether and the End are enabled World and Dimensional anchors are not banned or limited, but I advise not using them as they tend to cause server lag Must be 16+ years old to play (The age restriction is here for maturity purposes only, if you are under the age of 16 and wish to fill out an application, please feel free to email me anyway to prove your maturity. Just be honest about your age, it is not going to jeopardize whether or not you are accepted.  
      Please take into consideration the style of server I am trying to run. I'm always open to suggestions about adding plugins and whatnot, let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
      <--Sweet Moves
    • By Warnerm14
      Welcome to LathanaCraft!
      Open 24/7 - Est. 2012

      "Since it isn't as big as other servers, you form good relationships with the other players."  - Shamrak3
      "The players are friendly and the server is lag free"  - Sam_1337_
      Summer is back, and so is LathanaCraft
      Welcome to LathanaCraft, a chill, laid back Tekkit Legends server for you to join and play with your friends. We are a PvE community  that focuses on player interaction over wars. On LathanaCraft you will find many features to ensure that your time here will be pleasant. From our high end server box ensuring zero lag, to our players and staff that are always willing to help. We are constently adding new features to our server to make your time here as enjoyable as it can be! So please check us out today at lathanacraft.enjin.com
      Server Rules:
      No Griefing
      No Stealing
      No Cheating
      No Killing
      Use Common Sense
      Banned Items:
      Nova Cacalyst
      Nova Cataclysm
      Industrial TNT
      IC2 Dynamite
      Grief Prevention
      Tree Chop 2
      Core Inspect
      Time Is Money
      Clear Lag
      Keep Death Drops
    • By slish
      I've been running a server with just me and a few friends for a month or so now and we've decided to open it up to others. small, friendly community. we'll accept anyone who wants to build with us, even if you don't plan on playing a lot. No banned items and very few plugins installed, however we have moderate restrictions which we rely on you to self-enforce in order to preserve the server. Reliable hosting, 99% uptime. hourly backups so griefing is useless. we do have a whitelist so if you answer these quick questions I'll add you and send you the IP. 
      MC username:
      How much experience do you have with tekkit lite?
      How often do you plan on playing?
      Anything else we should know? 
      Thanks, hope to see some of you soon!


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