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12a| ~ Haven ~ | Smallish whitelist, no grief. Mature hangout founded by likeminded people sick of failing servers and the usual drama.

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IGN: Three_Piece

First Name: Ethan

Skype: Three_Piece_3



 In this modpack I've had a pretty good history with the exseption of the server shutting down or being to laggy to play on (2000 ping).  My strong suits in this game are probably the same as everyone else  I'm great with tinker construct I've played with witchery but only to the point of stopping the rain and thermal expantion.  I really like farming so on this server I'd like to get into the food plus mod and maybe get good at that.  As far as griefing goes I don't see the point or get any plesure from breaking someone's hard work.

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IGN: noodles59

First Name: Josh

Skype: joshsmithx59x

Age: 24

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Never played Attack Of The B Team before but have been playing minecraft for years now. Im just looking to find a server that is fun to play on not like all those other cheesy servers people come up with.

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  • IGN: Ebill1100
  • First Name: Justin
  • Age: 17
  • Skype: Ebill1
  • Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I link tinker's construct, thermal expansion, food +, witchery and all around a good server. I also wish to play with a friend of mine who is already whitelisted (BlazenBoltSteel1).
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First Name: Nick

Skype: Nick_new_mc

Age: 14

I like building, but every server is 100% lag, full of grief, and/or everything fun (I don't mean the duping or griefing stuff) is banned! I can be on 3:30-9:00pm USCT but of course my schedule fluxuates. I am constantly being griefed by people with wrenches and not helped by admins in no-grief servers which seems like a clarion call for exactly what they are (not trying to) prevent! I just want to build, talk to some cool people and not deal with anything else.No worries, I have no siblings or anything so none of those CHEESEheads will get on and gunk things up!


Can't wait to join your server! If denied please tell me via skype so I know what I did wrong, or just wait two days like I just read after double checking and editing. :)

Aparently I put steam and not skype, my mistake

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IGN: Kirbuscus_

First Name: Kirby

Skype: Kirbuscus_

Age: 15

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in

I would like to mainly focus on Witchery and Galacticraft... yeah i know, a wizard astronaut. I'm not going to lie, I will be witching some people because, well, that's what witchery is. I will help out people who are new to the modpack. 


AotBT: Hey, you, pass me the damn cheese. I mean can a brotha get some cheddar up in here!? Shit...

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IGN: legofrogdude(dont judge, its old)


First Name: Chance


Skype: TheDogmeat135


13 going on 14, but mature


Paragraph of utmost importance: I am a reletive noob and most of the mods, but would like to delve into them more. I havent been on many servers yet and those that i have are the widely known ones such as mineplex. The big cheeses are usually constrictive to the player, but this seems very fair and just. I'll definately contribute to the server in any way i can, and if i can play that day, it'll likely be btwn. 30min to 3hrs, due to school. I tend to grind (trees, strip mine, whatever) and could potentially mass produce any item the server is in need of. Im not too educated on machinery(including redstone), so thats probably the only thing  I'll need help on. Anyways,great server by the sounds of it, and i look forward to meeting y'all.

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hey all


first and formost, finally a group with the same experiance! ove played on far to much servers with far to litle experience. More server breaks then i can count. annyway here is my application


IGN: surv1vell
First Name: Mark (but ill react to surv aswell ;))
Skype: dont have one, but when accepted i will creat that. wouldn't want to put it here aswell if  had one on privacy reasons.

Age: 26
Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT:
i just love to build, i would do some machinery. i think my first priority would be to build a farm with some sheds, land and nice cheesy house. further i would love to help out where i can. from doing group builds on a spawn area or just terra form with the microblocks. ohh yea you need to know that i kind of go overbord with the microblocks, but it makes a great result in the end;) further im just a friendly guy who likes a good friendly mature group of players and can do a lot. When i got my item system set up i also am somewhat of a collecter of all stuf, so i always have to much of most things lying around and got plenty to share with the rest. if you want to know more just ask and you shall be answered.

further i must say i love the idea of the "shared" respounsibilities of the server and im certainly willing to support the project if its as great as you paint the picture;) I have loads of experience on server playing aswell as playing aotBT so im no newb;)



thx for reading and sorry i couldn't make it as long as your post;) 


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IGN: __Yukinari__

First Name: Alex / Inu / Yuki

Skype: x-inumaru-x

Age: 21

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I like to build and explore, I am very active and adventurous. I would like to be a part of the gaming community in which everyone is nice and social, no need to be in fear of being griefed or looted. It's not easy finding a decent server but as far as I've seen, this community is mature and respectable, and I would like to be a part of this community. I play MC often and spend long hours on SP mostly because I prefer to build without fear as mentioned before, but it gets a little lonely playing alone. I used to play in some old FTB servers but they usually shut down within a few months. I look forward to joining the community if the vote allows!


Thank you for reading my application, I know it's not bustling with information but I put all that seems viable and needed.

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IGN:  ohnoitswoody

First Name:  Wayne

Skype:  I'll give it to u later.. 

Age:  28

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT:  In all honesty I would just like to play the game without all the annoyance of griefing and constant spam chat Which servers consisting of large amount of people seem to have. I am really interested in getting into the Galacticraft  side of things and just love everything AotBT have to offer...

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IGN: Ciba1234

First Name: Jayden just going by Ciba is fine though

Skype: cibatrix

Age: 16

Paragraph: I would like to join a small community so i can get to know the other people and help out anyway possible or in short just relax and chill which this whole server is based around, so It cant get any better than that! What id do first live on a fancy island doing totally-not-evil-things and become my own little business with a little bit of everything from setting up a fancy resort island to just making foods especially cheese sandwiches!

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IGN: slimesquish

First Name: Amy

Skype: I haz :3

Age: 13, but very mature for my age

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I want to be a crazy scientist / witch with a weird mixup base where I can combine alchemy and science to create my new and interesting flavor of cheese and madness. (In other words, combining Witchy fun and Sciency fun!)


(Also *brohoof* on ur profile pic, my fellow pegasister :D)

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IGN: Zuriel_DeVil

First Name: Zuriel

Skype: I haz 

Age: 20


Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: 


I just want to have fun playing with other people and to collaborate on ideas, and I will mainly use the Witchery mod pack! And build really cool things.

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IGN: ShaggyD00

First Name: Jaron (just say Aaron with a "J" in front) But Everyone says I look like Shaggy from Scobby Doo... hence...

Skype: Holdematdagates

Age: 26...almost to where I don't wanna say. 

Paragraph: Well I got all hyped about this mod pack from watching ChimneySwitf11 and Generikb  (lotsa laughs from there stuff). And tried it out for myself for about a half an hour and came to the obvious realization this can only be played with cool peeps who love cheese to get its full potential. I mean who am I going to hex, myself? So yea, that leads into what I hope to do in your community. Maybe cause a little chaos and mischief with witchary and prob getting hex'd back, I like light hearted fun and I'm very tolerant and sharing. I want a good exp over hoarding and bickering. A lil pvp is fun and I'm not gonna lose my cool if a few porkchops go missing from my inventory. I hope you like this and I hope to make a friend or two in your community. 



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IGN: g7xr23
First Name: Liam
Skype: Yeah, g7xr23mc
Age: 29
Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Primarily I want to look for a strong community server, im more than happy to help people with anything, though i may not know exactly how to fix problems. I hope i can trust members not to steal stuff, Its been a problem on other servers. I hope to get approved!
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IGN: theROFLmaster

First Name : Roy

Skype: i have it, but i never use it, so i'd have to spend a while tracking it down. and i'm a pretty quiet person.

Age:18 1/2 (halves are numbers too!)

Well, i guess i should start this off by saying your profile pic is what drew me to this post, kinda wierd, i know. i've spent longer than i want to say searching for a server that was no-pvp/grief, AND had flans enabled. i prefer shooting creepers in the face with a desert eagle than people. i hope this server is what im looking for, and so far it is. I've always been into building bakeries, way back to tekkit classic. i build and run bakeries to sell , well, baked goods. i guess this is enough rambling for now, time to wait i guess. 

i use "i guess" a lot. im never really sure of myself. 




EDIT : i apparently am not allowed to use the private messaging system, so i guess i'll just leave it here when i find it.

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IGN: Blakhawk132


First Name: Brandon


Skype: abrahamjesus69 Please, don't ask. I made this so long ago and never used it and now I can't change it. Ah, as a side note, I don't tend to talk much so if I just go quiet, know that I'm not ignoring you.


Age: 18


Most importantly, write a paragraph about what you want to do, or would enjoy doing on the server, or in AotBT: I mostly just want to build in peace. Being around a community that won't immediately destroy what I build and I can actually feel safe around would be a welcome bonus. As for Attack of the B-Team, I had been waiting for it to release ever since I saw what mods would be in it. Unfortunately, some personal, cheese related matters and problems with my internet and computer ended up keeping me from it for a long time, but it did allow me to start playing at a point where it was much more stable.


     I do hope to hear from you soon. 


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IGN: deusswe

First Name: Mattias

Skype: Have it but never use it.

Age: 25

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I enjoy the simple things in life, killing pigs with snowballs, building traps for mli7 and building huge, unconventional houses that look horrible and unpractical but somehow they still tickle my fancy (Also don't expect me to ever build with material from the Nether, that place just hates me)!

It'd be nice to get to do these glorious things on a server that isn't filled to the brim with people who steal and troll all day.

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IGN: 1tinkerbell58

First Name: David

Skype: de3ja3

Age: 15

I would like to join this server because it just sounds like an awesome server and a friendly one too and I would like to just hang out and play this amazing modpack with other people I hate griefing and griefers I think griefing is for people who are to immature to try to do it themselfs.

so I am really hoping to get accepted to this server because i've been looking for ages for one now and its been getting very stressful to try to find one.

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Dat first post-.... just yes! :)




First Name- Phoenix


Skpe- blenderenthusiast


Age- 15


I want join this server because of the fact that I have been on so many large obnoxious servers with admins who dont care about your probelms and scammers/griefers who want to ruin your stuff for the fun of it. And having large servers crash on me all the time. Your server sounds like just what I have been looking for. Mainly in AOTBT I am a crazy machine user/builder who loves sorting systems mainly for cheese products (whoops) and Tico. :) I would really like to be included in the server and maybe voice chat with yall.

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IGN: keighty80

First Name: Katy

Skype: I will PM my username if I need to I don't really use it all that much.

Age: 26 i think

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I've been playing on AotBT fro a couple months now still learning differences between tekkit lite. I like the witchery mod a lot. I also enjoy hamsters. ANYways I am generally a very helpful player and love to build.


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IGN: Joshhdeanwhite

First Name: Josh

Skype: josh_whitexd

Age: 16

Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: I like playing the bteam server because it has many great foods including cheese (i think). I also like playing the dna mod and tinkers construct. Also like playing with friends and willing to help anyone who needs help. btw i hate cheese ;)

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IGN: FragMaster27

First Name: Tyler

Skype: FragMaster27

Age: 17

I would like to join your server because of how badly the cheese smelled in my single player world. Everyday i would walk past it trying to learn about some mods. I never get to stay on a server because its either messed up due to config files or not 24/7. I need this server and I'm very active everyday I'm willing to try my best to get on and help out on the server. I want to interact with other people and experience how they play this world. 

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First name:Nick



Hey, I would like to join your server becuase i had been playing vanilla minecraft for over 2 years and a few weeks ago started getting into AOTB I've benn playing over 2 hours on school days and multiple more hours on the weekends. Another reason I would like to join your server is that I've joined about 2 or 3 other AOTB servers but it's just a bunch of a couple hundred kids briefing each other and the world completely destroyed so. I'm a very chill person I never have liked the grieving aspect of minecraft and I'm a pretty decent builder.i hope you could get back to me that would be awesome. Thanks

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IGN: spartandial


First name: Chase


Skype spartandial


Age: 16 


paragraph about reason to join: I would like to join this server since i have recently decided to go play Attack of the B-team and also i would like to play on a server with no random people running around shooting me so i have been told about this great server that the staff are nice I do promise not to be mean and like to make pixel art and i only now a little about this mod so i would like to play on a pretty empty server so that i may learn thanks for reading. lol  

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  • Similar Content

    • By JustTrash
      I don't quite know what to write, but I'll give you a quick rundown of the server.
      What is our server? Let me tell you, we like to consider the server semi-rp, what do I mean by that? Well, we like to promote a team/solo based interpersonal world. Create communities, meet new people and maybe even wage war ;).
      We like to keep things free an open, we don't like restrictions, so you can expect looser ban lists, less plugins, less lag.
      What plugins? Plugins on our server consist of;
      - Essentials : The essentials!
      - GroupManager : To manage the groups!
      - GriefPrevention : To keep your builds as safe as you can! (/siege enabled!)
      - Buycraft : To benefit our benefactor.
      What can I be expecting from the modpack? Fun and enjoyable mods, explosives, armour, weapons, tools, quarries, magic, a mod for every person, A tool for every miner, A sword for every warrior. Our pack can be downloaded at this link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/monitors-fun-pack.1263647
      How do I join? Our server IP is legnuts.fluctis.com:27334, and yes, the server IP is kind of strange, we do like to focus on our builds and stuff, but our community is definitely one to promote jokes. The server is whitelisted, we like to make sure members of our community are people who we feel can understand and appreciate our rules and such. To apply for the server, you can join our discord: https://discord.gg/r4T8BV7! All you have to do is confirm you understand our rules, and state why you wish to join!
      Speaking of rules... On our server, our rules are pretty simple;
      No cheating.
      No glitches.
      Also, we do not want players exploiting plugins, nor bypassing griefprevention. As you can see, we really don't want players to be restricted by any means! Our banned items also put into action this same argument, as of now, our only banned items being Watch of flowing time (ProjectE) and Dark Matter Pedestal (ProjectE). 
      Hopefully you have taken interest in the server and community and apply! I have decided not to attach any pictures, but rather leave it a surprise for the people who join.
      Thanks, see you soon!
    • By antimore
      I host a custom modded survival server at home but at the moment I just play with some friends so ofcourse our community is quite small. So that's why we are searching for a few new people that will be active on the server. We do only accept people over 18 and expect you not to ruin everything for everybody. We would like it if you have discord and a descend mic but that's not a must. A big plus is if you speak dutch, we don't mind you speaking English we can do that too but all of the current players are Belgian.
        Some basic rules:
      - Use common sense
      - No griefing, ofcourse that's an instant ban. (But you can claim your own chunks)
      - Be nice to others
      - Don't to anything you don't want others to do to you
      - If you read the rules, answer rules questions with I consent
      - Don't ruin the map by leaving half trees or 1x1 towers
      - Act like an adult and just have fun on the server
      - Don't make any structures that cause major lagg
        The modpack:
      If you get accepted we will send you the modpack and the server ip. It's on technic launcher and gets updated with mods people suggest and like. By now it's pretty complete and has about 210 mods.
        The server:
      I host the server at home on a dedicated pc. It has an 8-core processor and 8gb of ram. Enough for now.
        Whitelist application: Answer in reply or dm me.
        - IGN?
      - Name / Nickname?
      - Age?
      - Timezone?
      - Minecraft modded experience?
      - Ever been banned before? If so, why?
      - Have you read the rules?
      - Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you?
    • By Vintagent
      Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Gir-- HA! There are no girls on this forum, although if you are a girl, you are still welcome to join my server. Okay, jokes are over, let's get down to business. My name is James (Vintagent) and last year I started a fresh single player world on the modpack TekkitClassic. After about a month or so I started to get bored, so there sat my single player world, cold, alone, tired, hungry, until one day I decided that I was sick of playing games alone. Lo and behold, VintaCraft was born! VintaCraft is a TekkitClassic server that is all about building a friendly community to help each other out. Whether it is huge builds, crazy machines, funny pranks, or just chillin out, VintaCraft is the place to be. No need for competitive playing, raiding, or griefing in any way. We play with each other for each other.Now, here are some specifics..
      Tekkit Version 3.1.2 Whitelist is enabled, please email me at [email protected] or message me through the forums and just ask me to give you the required information that is to be filled out for an application.  Pvp is disabled, I want a friendly and fun community. Nobody like this ==>  There are absolutely no banned items, I want everyone to have the full TekkitClassic experience, but you need to be responsible and respectful. GRIEFING AND RAIDING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, either act will result in an immediate ban from the server, with no hopes of returning. This includes scamming, "trolling", hacking, or client side mods that are going to give you a leg up, just play clean and fair, and you'll have fun. Essentials is the only plugin on the server, there are no mods or admins that contribute, just me. There are 10-15 spots open! Friendly Pranks, jokes and whatnot are always in good fun, as long as they are reasonable. Server runs roughly 24/7 Running from the East Coast of the USA Nether and the End are enabled World and Dimensional anchors are not banned or limited, but I advise not using them as they tend to cause server lag Must be 16+ years old to play (The age restriction is here for maturity purposes only, if you are under the age of 16 and wish to fill out an application, please feel free to email me anyway to prove your maturity. Just be honest about your age, it is not going to jeopardize whether or not you are accepted.  
      Please take into consideration the style of server I am trying to run. I'm always open to suggestions about adding plugins and whatnot, let me know if you are interested. Thanks,
      <--Sweet Moves
    • By Warnerm14
      Welcome to LathanaCraft!
      Open 24/7 - Est. 2012

      "Since it isn't as big as other servers, you form good relationships with the other players."  - Shamrak3
      "The players are friendly and the server is lag free"  - Sam_1337_
      Summer is back, and so is LathanaCraft
      Welcome to LathanaCraft, a chill, laid back Tekkit Legends server for you to join and play with your friends. We are a PvE community  that focuses on player interaction over wars. On LathanaCraft you will find many features to ensure that your time here will be pleasant. From our high end server box ensuring zero lag, to our players and staff that are always willing to help. We are constently adding new features to our server to make your time here as enjoyable as it can be! So please check us out today at lathanacraft.enjin.com
      Server Rules:
      No Griefing
      No Stealing
      No Cheating
      No Killing
      Use Common Sense
      Banned Items:
      Nova Cacalyst
      Nova Cataclysm
      Industrial TNT
      IC2 Dynamite
      Grief Prevention
      Tree Chop 2
      Core Inspect
      Time Is Money
      Clear Lag
      Keep Death Drops
    • By slish
      I've been running a server with just me and a few friends for a month or so now and we've decided to open it up to others. small, friendly community. we'll accept anyone who wants to build with us, even if you don't plan on playing a lot. No banned items and very few plugins installed, however we have moderate restrictions which we rely on you to self-enforce in order to preserve the server. Reliable hosting, 99% uptime. hourly backups so griefing is useless. we do have a whitelist so if you answer these quick questions I'll add you and send you the IP. 
      MC username:
      How much experience do you have with tekkit lite?
      How often do you plan on playing?
      Anything else we should know? 
      Thanks, hope to see some of you soon!


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