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[1.7.2] UFCraft - Unknown Forces[Whitelisted] [PVE] [150 slots] [UFCarft Pack]

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server-icon.png?dl=1 UFCraft


Pack URL: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ufcraft.451060

Server IP: mc.ufcarft.com


Community Website: http://ufcraft.com

DynMap: http://www.ufcraft.com:8123/#

TeamSpeak URL: voice.ufcraft







We are a Small But Growing 24/7 Multiworld Minecraft Server looking to expand our player base and build a community based on friendly and competitive gameplay. Our Server will use a combination of Tech and Magic in a survival environment filled with challenging creatures and dungeons as well as a growing a and continuing "Living-Story" . 


Our Community


We are all friendly and the environment here is pretty laxed. Jokes are fine, as long



The ModPack


We have created a customized modpack for the server called UFCraft.

It is available below and for the time being it is only a beta. I am looking to

add an experienced modded to the team to hopefully look through its logs and 

suggest compatible mods and remove ones that are not needed. 


Url of pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ufcraft.451060






Multi-Verse (Along with Multi-verse Portals,Nether Portals, Portals, and Sign Portals)



Essentials (Along with Essentials Spawn, I didn't want the rest We need Essentials for Economy Features)




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