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Quarries and a list of everything they will pick up

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I think it's everything. Lava and oil (sludge?)make them stop, otherwise they'll just plow along.

I use an AE system and just shove it all in. Not an early game solution, but it's awesome.

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I think it's everything. Lava and oil (sludge?)make them stop, otherwise they'll just plow along.

I use an AE system and just shove it all in. Not an early game solution, but it's awesome.

i meant what ores and regular blocks, just a list of all of the regular stuff, ill just make the extra stuff go to a chest, right now im just worried about things like, tin ore, copper ore, dirt, cobblestone, sand, etc

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A Buildcraft Quarry will break any placeable block in its path, even machines. As for sorting, I recommend using a buffer chest at the Quarry and whitelist-pumping out the stuff that arrives, as it arrives. You will eventually get everything listed in your sorting queue, although it may take a while for rare stuff to show up first.

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My early game quarry had a buffer chest going to a diamond sorting pipe. Crap went to a nullifier, and the rest to the base. Much easier to list what is bad than to list the good.

Later when I had item ducts, I used servos to whitelist / blacklist.

Endgame, when I run a quarry, I use a tesseract and dump it all into the AE system.

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nah, I just stored everything in dsu's connected to my AE network using storagebuses...


you can use e.g. cobblestone to create singularities if you don't need it (or compress it)


but to the OP question:

the quarry just picks up everything!

So hard to make a list, but you can look into the wiki for blocks...

quarrys break blocks, so diamond ore will get diamonds and redstone ore will get redstone directly...


the most common blocks/items are:







obsidian (if you flood your quarrys)


these should definately go into a dsu

then all ores that you can find in the overworld ;)

simplest solution for these:

put them into AE Storage and create DSU's for them when you have set up a processing chain for them ;) (pulverizer, redstone furnace)

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